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Right now your business is worth the most it ever will because as more and more cities open up with cannabis businesses zoning there will be more businesses for sale. Theres going to be a crash at some point, the prices are going to be too high, you have to make money to be worth something and at some point those values will come down and when they do they will be like in real estate where you have foreclosures, fire sales and you can buy assets at pennies on the dollar. Right now it is very hard to find a business that is turn key and the more there are for sale the less your business will be worth. But in the meantime, we have this Cannabis Hype in California where the cannabis premium is not an issue to most buyers.

We work with buyers from all types of backgrounds, they are looking at all cannabis opportunities and are moving

forward very fast on them. Whether or not you want to sell we are happy to do a free business evaluation to let

you know what market value is for your business as the market value

If you’re interested please call me at 818-806-8245

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