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Listing Type : Land For Lease
Status : ACTIVE
Price for Rent : $138,000.00
Lot Size (Acres) : 69.14
Utilities : Water
Company Name : Uffda Acres, LTD
Phone : 970-381-6720

69+ acre farm located about an hour north of the Denver airport. Lease with a land provider who had some of the best hemp quality and yields in the state, if not beyond. An industry expert who had traveled the state extensively, often complimented that the 2019 crop was exceptional.

The farm’s soil profile is of a sandy loam, which promotes good drainage. A necessary condition for growing a high quality crop. The drip tape is buried approximately 14 inches deep and spaced 60″ apart. 12 zones, each approximately 5.75 acres in size. A zone typically has 40 lines of tape and about 1320′ in length. If you space clones every 5 feet, it takes about 10,500+ per zone. The SDI system is designed to apply 0.7 inch in 12 hours and we can get across all 12 zones in 48 hours. Colorado’s low humidity is ideal for fending off mold, which is a major issue in many states. 

Included in the annual land lease is all labor and electricity for irrigation. Rocky Mountain reservoir irrigation water is typically available from mid-May through mid/late September. We are set up to inject high quality nitrogen to the crop’s root zone, upon demand and direction of the grower. It’s highly recommended to apply the season’s other nutrients needs prior to the clone transplanting. All land preparation leading up to transplanting will be included in the initial lease agreement. Organic compost and cattle manure is available locally, for those who chose to utilize these products. 

2019 had a very steep learning curve with learning what works and especially what doesn’t work, in regards to getting transplants established. With the proper combination of field preparation, irrigation management, transplanter modifications and plant/pod size, it has been proven that establishing a good survival rate is achievable. 

If there is a need for 2020, we may offer a “full service menu” for those needing assistance. Some of these may include: transplanter, labor, tractors, GPS precision guidance, early cultivation, hand weeding, scouting for insects/disease, scouting and removal of male plants and possibly harvest options. We have local experts to assist with general consulting, crop management and possibly marketing. You’ll need to be responsible for sourcing high quality genetics and clones. 

UPDATE: Last year, leases here in Colorado supposedly had a range locally from $1500 to $12,000 per acre. With the current low prices for wholesale hemp-related products, we will commit to the first grower who will cash rent the entire 69+ acres for $2000 per acre. Let’s visit soon, as corn planting in the area is fast approaching. 

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