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The Problem

Harmful fuels, Mountains of plastic and our huge growth sucking the earths resources dry. There is over 6.3 Billion tons of plastic lying around our planet which will take over 400 years to decompose.


The Solution

No, its not some technological ground breaking formula. Its something very simple. A plant. Hemp is the solution we need. It’s ability to serve as a natural alternative to our most crucial resource. Hemp offers many remarkable solutions to improving our planet, it doesn’t stop with plastic. We at Endless Hemp Farms are striving to be a part of bringing this solution to a reality.


Target Market

The companies who are in need of purchasing this plant in bulk for purposes of Bio fuel, fibers, cosmetics and consumption.


What sets us aside from our competitors is making sure we keep our product affordable as well as implementing Bamboo into our harvest due to its similar uses as Hemp. We want our customers to have options and to be able to maintain the affordable price to the end consumer. As we say “It can’t benefit you, if you can’t afford it”.


Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing team reach out to companies via websites, email, cold calls and various social media sites.



Sales will be made online through websites, phone calls as well as buyers having the opportunity to purchase in person at our farm.


Biggest expense will be converting our farm into a multi grow operation. This will include several greenhouses, installing a water well system and water lines throughout the property. We will be housing our farmers to live on premises. Our goal is to be able to grow our Hemp on a larger scale.


Partners and/or Resources

We own 49 acres of land. This is a key asset to put our plan into action. We also have a strong team behind us that share the same passion and goals into turning our vision into reality.



Heather and Don, Owners of Endless Hemp Farm have 20 years combined experience in the cannabis field and set ourselves apart from the rest of the Hemp Farmers as we strive to do what others are not. We have year round grow, where others only grow 3 season’s. We also have our own seed analysis testing so you have the opportunity to see it done in live time rather then sending off and taking someone’s word for what your plants test at. We have our own seed variety “Heather Jo”, which produce a plant 5 times larger then the typical plants you see on other farms and we also make our own soil and teas. We have many different hemp varieties and sell seeds, seedlings and clones locally for the farmers who have been less then fortunate ordering seeds that do not do as they state. We believe farmers will start to lean more towards purchasing clones rather then seeds, once clones are more actively available.


Mission Statement

Endless Hemp Farm is in the hemp industry to change history, by making history. Our CBD products company CA Hemp Co. has changed the CBD game in a major way! Not only do we have 100% natural CBD products, but we have CBD with blends of many different herbs. CA Hemp Co. are definitely one of the first companies blending health beneficial herbs to the CBD world to date. CA Hemp Co. has over 60 different products under our company or one of our white label partnered companies available worldwide. We started importing hemp flower, biomass and seeds from Romania through for CBD use in 2014. We started farming hemp in 2018 in Klamath, Oregon with Partners for High CBD in 2018. We then left Oregon after a successful grow and partnered with farmers in Colorado, mid 2018. During our time partnering with farms in Colorado we were introduced to big buyers and sellers. We then went on to meet and make deals with Zev Barnett with Maven Hemp, which is probably one of the most single important people in the Hemp Industry Worldwide. CA Hemp Co. has also made deals on Hemp Raw Market, which is owned and operated by Zev Paiss out of Boulder, Colorado whom is also nationally known as a Hemp Consultant.



Endless Hemp Farm’s goal is to help shape the Hemp Industry as we know it today on an international scale. Also to provide 100% natural top shelf hemp and CBD products at an affordable price.


Heather and Don are CBD innovators and plan to lead the hemp industry in California one county at a time. One of our biggest goals is to put a (25) 50 30x80ft greenhouse for smokeable flower crop production. We also want to add an agricultural well to produce the amount of water we need to successfully and efficiently run the farm fitted with irrigated water lines throughout the entire farm. We want to install insulated storage containers to dry and cure for the best flower we can produce. The financial will show that this is a feasible plan, saving cost in production while providing another source of revenue.



Endless Hemp Farm are farmers of high CBD hemp. The farmers will produce high CBD biomass, shucked flower, untrimmed flower and trimmed flower (Smokeable) as well as collect and sell the stalk. We will supply small to large manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and producers of CBD products as well as companies in the textile field (stalk).


Management Team

Our Management Team consist of;


Heather Atchison, Owner, Farmer, Herbalist

Don Holmes III, Co-Owner, Farmer, Herbalist

Matthew Propps, Sales, Public Relations

Tyler Fire, Marketing and Promotions, Heavy Equipment Operator



Endless Hemp Farm is family owned, operated and maintained by couple Heather Atchison and Don Holmes III.



Heather and Don both have 20 years of experience in the cannabis field. They’re both Herbalist and believe in the medical benefits of cannabis, both Marijuana and Cannabidiol (CBD). They started importing hemp in 2014 from various European countries, mainly Romania and Lithuania. Heather and Don started making mid level CBD products such as; CBD Capsules, CBD Rub, CBD Tincture, CBD Syrup, CBD Herbal Teas, CBD Vape, the list goes on. They now have more then 65 CBD Products available worldwide, supplying 3 white label companies and continues to change the game with more products to come. Not only do they farm High CBD Hemp, but they also have their own hemp variety “Heather Jo” and are in the process of four new varieties by mid 2020. Heather and Don had been special guest speakers at many CBD and Hemp seminars and also were premium vendors at hundreds of events. As mention earlier, they are partnered and manufacturers for three CBD and Herbal Remedy Companies; Modern Day Miracles (European Hotel Owner and Contractor), Brigade CBD (Veteran Owned) and Tranquil Water Cares (Herbal Remedies Shop).



Endless Hemp Farm is four or five years new into the hemp industry. They’re already making footprints into the cannabis world with their new Hemp Variety “Heather Jo” which is a seed crossed with Colorado Feral, Cannabis Ruderalis (Directly from Russia) and internationally known variety Charlotte’s Web. There is no other Hemp seed on the market today that compares to Heather Jo. Heather Jo while in season (From February thru October) can become up to 13 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Endless Hemp Farm currently has a 40 acre parcel, 49 acre parcel and 10 acre parcel, which are all located in California. Heather and Don, Owners of Endless Hemp Farm projects $60k to $90k per acre for Biomass and $30k to $40k per greenhouse for Smokeable flower. The projected revenue is based on a single season (3-4 Months).


Heather and Don started growing hemp in 2015 in their backyard with only six seeds for medicinal use. They successfully harvested closed to 40 lbs from the allowed six plants and started researching ways to make the plant grow at its maximum potential including height and width. They plan on releasing their variety “Heather Jo” and a few other varieties first quarter of 2020 by selling Seeds (Regulars and Feminized) as well as Clones of the best varieties available.


Economic Viability

Hemp is the Strongest Natural Fiber In The World. It’s known to have over 50,000 uses. Hemp offer many different uses that can provide a sustainable world. Hemp products can be recycled, re-used and are 100% biodegradable. Proponents of hemp claim that it can help reduce global warming because it takes out large amounts of Carbon dioxide per acre, more than most plants. Hemp produces more oil then any other crop, which can be used for food, fuel, lubricants, soaps, etc.


Hemp is affordable, healthy and sustainable. Not only would hemp farming allow communities to become well-fed and healthier, but it would also introduce more jobs and increase economic viability.



Endless Hemp Farm only produces hemp with a minimum 8% CBD or higher which will consist of; Biomass, Shucked, Untrimmed and Trimmed Smokeable Flower. The farm will market and promote its products online and in person with scheduled appointments, Maven Global Hemp Experts, RawMarket, Kush Marketplace and Licensed Sales Agents in the Hemp Field.


Transition & Exit

In the event that Endless Hemp Farm will cease operations, all assets (farm equipment, tools, scales) will be sold at auction. Proceeds from the sale will first be used to pay off the financial obligation to the operating capital loan and the remaining proceeds will be paid to the members (if any obligations remain).


$10,000.00 Per 1% Lifetime of the Farm Location (Guaranteed Minimum 3 Years). Our farm will harvest 2-3 times per year!


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