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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $2,300,000.00
Power (AMPS) : 400 amps plus solar
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
Current Cannabis Business License? : Major Use Permit
License Type : Recreational, Medical, Medical & Recreational
City Tax Rate : $0.55/sq. ft per year 2022
Year Built : 2020
Sale Type : Cash, Financing
Company Name : Original Indian Meadows LLC, (previously Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine, LLC)
Phone : 17073375745

Original Indian Meadows, LLC previously known as

Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine, LLC


All you need is to put plants in the ground! A truly Golden Opportunity during these uncertain times.

Original Indian Meadows, LLC previously known as Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine’s (BRHM) property sits on a total of 61.8 acres of private land, with 3 Acres of permitted cannabis cultivation within a fenced 230,000 sq.ft of cultivation space. 

Water Supply:  Existing Well and Kelsey Creek. Septic tank sewage with gender separated bathrooms. On-Site septic system to accommodate for Commercial use and ADA compliant toilets. The property boasts: 1 full sized barns, 14 slope roofed bungalows, restrooms with showers, with water storage tanks, and a freshwater pond with 10+ acre-feet of water when full, solar well and riparian rights.


Independently evaluated, and inclusive of the added value that the amenities bring to the property and operation. BRHM is seeking a cannabis cultivation group to buy the business which includes  farm buildout and 10 years use of the property and  accessory buildings  for $2,300,000 upfront. ( the remaining 8  years  of the existing Major Use Permit as well as, the available renewal of the Major Use Permit  for 2 additional years , if all the conditions of approval Major Use Permit are followed.   (with a negotiable monthly rate to pay for property maintenance and relevant taxes). This offer is intended to be beneficial to both parties, as the client truly believes in the Covey Principle of the “Win/Win Paradigm”.


  • Lessee must prove that they prequalify for purchase of the business.

  • Lessee must hold general liability and property insurance with a minimum of $2M of coverage on the property. Lessor must be included as an additional insured on the policy.

  • Lease terms will be triple net. All upgrades, maintenance, and upkeep of the property will be the responsibility of Lessee. 

  • Lessee can only sublease cultivation parcels to companies they control and/or operate and will be held responsible for the property.

  • Lessee must maintain our local authorization and purchase state cannabis licenses in order to legally cultivate cannabis on the property.

  • Lessee will not at any time cultivate cannabis without a license.

  • Any updates and/or modifications to structures on the property or additions to the property must be pre-approved by Lessor prior to development. Lessor desires Lessee to be successful in their operation and will not disallow or not permit activities necessary to Lessee’s operation without substantial cause or reason (legal or otherwise).

  • Lessee will not host any public events or parties at the property.

  • No fishing will be allowed in the pond.


  • Archaeological survey: Complete

  • Biological survey: Complete

  • Civil engineering stamp/approval on bridge allowing 75,000 lbs load

  • Survey Map: Complete

  • Site Map: Complete

  • Major Use Permit

  • Previous State Licenses: 14

  • Premise diagram: Complete

  • Property diagram: Complete and available upon request


    • Has valuable  Major Use Permit

    • Significant investment in water sources and irrigation infrastructure

    • The assets of the cultivation business are being sold with this business


This is a legally non-binding term sheet. Nothing in this term sheet establishes any type of relationship or guarantee.

Original Indian Meadows, LLC previously known as Bottle Rock Herbal Medicine, LLC (BRHM)

Property Owners: Charleen Ewing

Contact for Inquiries:

Phone: (707) 337-5745 Email:

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you.




Coming Soon: Cannabis Escrow & Title
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