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Im selling 2 x Professional greenhouses Titan 7100   30ft x 130ft with snow load and wind load. The package includes:

1: galvanized frame system

2: polycarbonate sheets

3: gable cover board

4: aluminum connecting profiles

5: roof ventilation system 

6: Cooling system 

7: Air circulation system – 8 sets

8: Electric side PC ventilation system

9: Fan and cooling pad sunshade

10: Blackout system 

11: Control system 

12: Heaters – 12 sets

13: Dehumidifiers – 4 sets

Please note that if you order those greenhouses through the official dealer or distributor you will need 3 – 5 months from the date of order to get them delivered. Those ones I’m selling are available for pick up right now. The asking price is actually what I paid for them. Please note that the price can be even higher if ordered through the official distributor due to all those increased prices of materials worldwide. The greenhouses are stored in metal shipping containers and never been opened.

Please see the description in attached photos for more information!

Located in Trinity county CA

Price for both : 170 000$

58,000 sq foot Venlo Greenhouse / Grow Operation
58,000 Sq/ft Venlo Greenhouse/ Grow Operation brand new, never been set up, ALREADY IN THE UNITED STATES and ready to ship!VIEW LISTING
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