Price : $450,000
Listing Type : Cultivation/ Production
Status : ACTIVE
Price for Rent : 9250
Size : 10962
Lot Size (Acres) : 25,135
Power (AMPS) : 800 + 600
Medical or Recreational : Recreational
Year Built : 2002
Sale Type : Cash
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewer, Natural Gas, Trash
Company Name : Withheld
Phone : 5039563609

Truly a rare find! This turn-key business won’t be available for long! Especially considering the indefinite “pause” on licensing in Oregon. We’ve been offered an opportunity out of state that we cannot turn down, prompting sale of this well-established, well-known, indoor tier-1 OLCC-licensed Cannabis Producer business. Current license allows you to start business upon taking ownership. No long wait for approval, or build-out. (Waiting = Lost time = Lost ROI). New buyers can start strong, established companies can expand, and/or anyone with an application in who is building out or sitting idle, waiting in line for approval, can start operations immediately. This facility was secured over 4 years ago, when finding facilities like this one was still possible. Long-term lease is assignable to new tenant and renewable. Would make perfect headquarters for growing cannabis brand, well-placed distribution hub, or as an impressive, stand-alone cannabis production facility.


Prime location 5 minutes off I-5 in Salem, the epicenter of Oregon’s major markets. (1 hour commute from downtown Portland and Eugene) Business offered fully furnished (office, warehouse, grow), exceptionally equipped, and operational. Also includes goldmine of genetics carefully perfected over last decade. (Over 30% strains and favorites included.) OLCC-compliant alarm and security systems. Many bonuses, like electronic key-card entries, CAT 5 and 6 data lines throughout facility, individual offices, mac computers, and server. Building is very aesthetically pleasing with gorgeous slate-floored lobby with vaulted ceiling and floor to ceiling windows.



11k square foot masonry building (2002), tilt up construction. Maximum security provided.-

• 3,500 square feet of carpeted finished offices, with vaulted entry with slate floors

• 7,500 square foot clear-span warehouse with 20-25′ clearance, tilted ceiling

• 800 amp, 240 volt, 3 Phase delta power

• 600 amp, 480 volt, 3 phase delta power installed on building from power meter back, just needs to be ran to a PGE Transformer on street (over 850,000 watts available)

• Private parking for 25+ and a loading dock

• Over a dozen offices

• 4 ADA bathrooms (1 with walk-in double shower)

• Conference, break, locker, and security rooms

• Floor drains throughout warehouse, all grow rooms and nutrient/water tank/control room

• Grease trap installed in building (Large commercial)

• Long-term, 5 year renewable lease. NNN.

• Apple server and equipped with IT throughout. Multiple MAC computers, HP printers, etc.


The Grow/Manufacturing:

Automated, grower friendly design, equipped with automatic watering systems. Design is efficient (physically and HVAC savings), easy to run, and ensures easy garden flow (2 competent people can run garden). 

• Commercial Ag tanks for nutrients and watering

• Fully outfitted staging/production room/office

• Long-time staff that knows the system

• Cultivation plan: Capable of 6.29 harvests per room per year utilizing certain strains

• Trench/floor drains throughout (not circles, but long and spanning up to 40′)

• Over 35 400 watt T5 fluorescent Fixtures total, some needing ballasts

• 14, 400 watt incandescent IGrow fixtures to replace T5’s in Teen, Transplant, and tent areas.

• 10-15 additional 1000 watt HID lights, ballasts, and bulbs

• (Above fixtures and lights are in addition to those detailed under each room below.)


Flower Rooms:

Currently 2 rooms with great yields. Lots of room for additional buildout-

• Flower Room A: flowering canopy size of just over 750 sqft 

o Lights: 41 HPS lights. 36 vented hoods and 5 double ended.

• Flower Room B: flowering canopy size of about 740 sqft 

o Lights: 29 double ended HPS Lights (available space to add 9-11 HPS lights and maximize lighting footprint. Wires in place, just need some single outlets replaced with doubles and to adjust some of the rows).

• 70 Total flowering lights, upgradable to 80. 


Vegetative Rooms:

Currently houses 2 stages of Veg-

• Approx. 550 sqft of vegetation room & enclave.

• Area 1: Main Veg area has 17, 600 watt Mixed HPS and Metal halide (all switchable ballasts) and 6 400 watt Fluorescence. 

• Area 2: Teen and transplant area has 10, 400 watt fluorescence fixtures (which should be replaced by IGrow incandescent fixtures that are supplied.


Propagation Areas:

• Enclave off Veg Room

• 3 large 120 to 180 site cloners

• Tents

• Huge production room for prepping clones, etc.

• An easy installation of a wall and an OLCC floor plan change request would create an additional 250 sqft of propagation/transplant area. We were planning on utilizing our unique strain bank to provide clones to select gardens for an immediate bump in revenue. Some exclusive, some not.



• R&D Strains/Pheno-finding

• Propagation

• Quarantine


Production Area:

• Production/Ops desk area on warehouse floor

• Trim Stations, fully equipped- tables, lights, trays, scissors, ergo swivel chairs, etc.

• Pre-Roll Production Area equipped with KnockBox and tons of Raw cones and tubes

• 3 Scales (2 ODA approved) & Weighing/Production area with desks, carts, etc.


Cultivation & Business Consultation & Design:

• Automated feed/watering system for large veg and flower plants

• Huge nutrient, prep, central garden office

• Plans for build-out


TRANSITIONAL SUPPORT included/negotiable:

• Trained, highly competent, and very much appreciated and respected staff should/will stay on after transition

• Owner support during transition

• Inventory on hand will fluctuate but is considered an “extra”

• Introductions to existing clients, and wholesale/ brokers.

• Cultivation consultation and training available for additional fee (Over 40 years combined experience.)

• Introductions to extensive network of industry associates and resources 


Assets: (Too many to list. Includes all areas of business.)

• Office – All desks, chairs, conference tables, shelving, etc.

• Grow – Fixtures, Equipment, Nutrients, Pots, Pumps, Trays, Foggers, Filters, Fans, extensive HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing supplies and tools, Industrial racking, etc.

• Safety Equipment and Precautionary Suits, Respirators, etc.

• Production – KnockBox, trim trays, scissors, buckets, tubs, everything.

• Genetic bank of strains

• Heavy equipment – Example: Scissor Lift

• Tools – Basic Contracting, Grow, Ag, Cultivation

• Machines/Appliances – Example: Stainless fridge, commercial cryo freezer

• Security – example: camera system (31 cameras), 48 terabyte NVR, alarm system, 850lb safe, electronic key card entry


The Business:

• Respected, well-known top-shelf producer with extensive grow system

• Does NOT include brand, but does include entire operation (grow & sales)

• Bank accounts (MAPS Credit Union – Legitimate Cannabis account)

• OLCC Tier 1 Producer License

• All accounts

• Book of business

• Distribution agreements, wholesale, etc.

• Proven, highly demanded strain in the 26-33% THC range and consistently bringing $1,700-$1,800 per lb, or generally 40-60% above average market price.

Facility started out as an OMMP medical garden over 4 years ago.


Inventory & Garden Projections: (Will fluctuate depending on time of sale and current inventory at that time.)

• Finished product: Flower & Pre-Rolls

• In-Process product: Flower & Pre-Rolls

• Plants: Flowering & Veg

• Clones

• Seeds

• Garden and grow schedule is currently set up to Harvest one flower room per month, growing 8 week (56-60) days strains, yielding over 6 harvest a year. Little to no transitional period needed from veg to flower because of the HPS Lights in Veg. 

• Grow and yield potentials vary greatly factoring strain selection, flower times, and grower experience level. (We’ve yielded approximately 55-85 lbs from Flower Room A, and 50-75 lbs from Flower Room B without factoring B Buds used for Oil and Pre-Rolls.

• The Potential of Flower Room B will increase substantially with additional lighting. Under current conditions: grow can produce 630 – 900+ lbs per year, dependent upon grow plan of new owner. (Note: current very conservative, conditions calculated on 1,400 sqft canopy. FAR less than the clear and ready to build-out warehouse can accommodate.)

• Company chose to grow a wide variety of strains for our customers, planting 8,9,10, and 11 week strains, at times, and over 150 strains in rotation at any given time over the past 4 years. Sometimes the company has grown over 25 strains at a time in one flower room. This accounts for our lower yields. Targeting 5 or less select strains per round will dramatically increase potential yields.

• Floor plan designs to build out approx. 3,500 sqft of canopy upon request. Potential to increase tier size by integrating vertical, and/or 2 story design. 

• Building could support extraction

• We will include up to 20 strains, all testing 19-33% THC, over 10 testing between 25-33%. Some are clone-only, very hard to obtain, and have become continuously requested by our clients.

• Seed stock of over 30 strains will remain. (Additional can be negotiated in price.)


Sellers motivated and looking for an expedited transaction. First reasonable cash offer takes it all! No tire-kickers please. (NDA must be signed prior to showing facility, or to receive additional information.) Proof of funds, ability to meet OLCC application requirements, and accepted LOI will secure this opportunity for you. There is a TON of value here! Sellers want to move on to next opportunity and are not looking for huge pay day. (asking price is currently $450k- “Loose” comps online that do not include nearly what this facility offers, or contain comparable assets, amenities, and/or goodwill, are starting at $750-800k, bare minimum.) Ideal buyer is experienced in cannabis cultivation and knows the value of what we are offering. 


Please email to provide your phone number and a good time to call you. We will get back to you back shortly!

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