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Price : $15,000
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Veteran Industrial
Phone : 208-667-4164

This lab was purchased new in early 2018 to support a newly licensed processing facility in Spokane,  WA.  Shortly after the lab opened its doors,  there was a serious falling out among principals,  the lab was shut down and all equipment removed to a different location.  This lab has been in mothballs for a while now and the owner wishes to divest himself of ownership.  There is a slight dent in one of the 14 5# tubes – not enough to make much of a differences.  All mating surfaces are in good shape.  Units are clean,  dry and serviceable.

$35,000 new,  any reasonable offer will be considered.  Sold as is,  where is in Spokane, WA.  Equipment is not packed for shipment in common carrier but if you came and got it,  it would travel quite nicely in the back of a small (ish) U Haul if it were packed w/ blankets and cardboard.  The freezers could be used to pack the tubes if they were separated by cardboard.

Here is a listing of the primary pieces

2              Honey Pots

4              5 gallon propane tanks

2              standby tank

14           5# tubes

2             1# Tubes

1              jacketed 5# tube

1             Dewaxer

1              Terp Capture

8              Vacuum pumps

3             Vacuum ovens

3              Chiller Coils

2            Certified/certifiable scales

2             Seriously large deep freezers

A full set of clamps,  hoses,  viton seals and the hardware to close them.  Clamp nuts are made of brass.

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