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Price : $550,000
Listing Type : License
Status : ACTIVE
Price for Rent : $4000
Power (AMPS) : 200
Medical or Recreational : Both
City Tax Rate : 1%
Sale Type : Cash, Financing

This facility is 1 of 4 Type-N/P licenses in all of LA County (you can verify this by searching for Type-N licenses on the CDPH website) With this opportunity you can start your own Edible, Topical, Vape, Pre-Roll, Tincture, Beverage or Pre-Packaged Flower Company tomorrow!! You can even start a white labeling/contract manufacturing company if you’d like! This is one of the only truly turn-key licenses on the market. The facility has an annual license and is currently operational and selling product in the market. All fixtures, security cameras, etc. will stay with the license. The business and equipment are not included with the license. Gated parking. 

The facility is licensed by both the state and city, and is certified as a commercial kitchen. This facility is perfect for anyone looking to jumpstart their business and bypass the 12-15 month process of obtaining their own license. Owner is also willing to consult with the purchaser to help ensure a smooth transition and the successful launch of your brands!

The city of Long Beach cannabis tax rates are extremely competitive!! Distribution, manufacturing and lab testing rates were recently dropped from 6% to 1%.


Type N
This license type allows you to create a brand (edibles, beverages, topicals, pre-rolls, packaged flower, and every other infused products). Type N infusion licenses are very rare with less than 70 being handed out in California. Those numbers can also be verified on the BCC and CDPH websites.

Legal Definition of Type-N License
“Type-N, for manufacturers that produce edible products or topical products using infusion processes, or other types of cannabis products other than extracts or concentrates, but that do not conduct extractions. A Type-N licensee may also package and label cannabis products on the licensed premises.

“Infusion” means a process by which cannabis, cannabinoids, or cannabis concentrates are directly incorporated into a product formulation to produce a cannabis product.

Edible & Topical Manufacturers
Producers who create edibles, topicals, or other cannabis products that rely on infusing cannabis concentrates should consider the Type-N license. Infusion license holders will comply with the same state level requirements that Type-6 manufacturers must adhere too, which is less stringent than Type-7 regulations.

The Type-N license type is an important feature of the broader cannabis manufacturing category. Under the previous medical collective model, manufacturers had more freedom to obtain source material and conduct their own extraction and infusion activities. The collective model had less oversight, fewer regulations, but arguably, more risks. With legalization, costs and barriers to entry are increasing throughout the state, requiring some cannabis businesses to specialize and limit their operational scope.

A Type-N license holder would need to purchase cannabis concentrate through a Type-11 licensed distributor or directly from a Type-6 or Type-7 license holder and transported via a Type-13 “Distributor Transport Only” entity. Once the concentrate is obtained, the Type-N license holder may conduct infusion techniques to produce cannabis products other than extracts or concentrates, and package/label those products on the same premises. The final products can then be sold to distributors who supply cannabis retailers.


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