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Price : $12,500,000
Status : ACTIVE
Company Name : Green Life Business Group, Inc
Phone : 6196530483

Premier opportunity to acquire a fully vertically integrated cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail storefront in San Jose, CA (Population 1M+). This true turn key opportunity is located in the beautiful city of San Jose, which happens to be a major city in California that is the cultural, financial, and political center of Silicon Valley and largest city in Northern California by both population and area. This significant opportunity also has the capability to expand current retail sales volumes by launching a second retail store in San Jose where the population is booming at over 1 million people and growing. Making this a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to expand operations and target major markets to establish a larger footprint or someone who is looking to enter the industry.

In 2021 the business grossed a total of $14.6M, with an EBITDA of $3M!!!

Gross Revenues: 

  • 2020- $12.9M
  • 2021- $14.6M
  • 2022 Jan-April 30th- $4.1M

Retail Operations:

Currently being operated as a single Dispensary with the option to add a second area location in the near future with preferential local permitting to existing license holders. The Dispensary has a solid local reputation for providing great cannabis products at competitive prices. The staff consists of knowledgeable budtenders and operations specialists ensuring a seamless experience  and with total focus on customer and patient satisfaction to build long term loyalty and repeat custom from the local community. Currently, all transactions occur in store or through a pickup option resulting in a significant opportunity to expand current retail sales volumes by launching local delivery utilizing the many technology platforms and partners now established in the industry. One could increase the delivery radius and not just limit it to Santa Clara County.

Cultivation Operations:

Cultivation is 22,000 Sq.Ft of licensed canopy,  spread over 7 grow rooms on a staggered harvest cycle, the cultivation team has honed their craft and created a stable and consistent cultivation operation presently that could produce around 1000/lbs per month. Additionally, the company has 2100 Sq.Ft of nursery as well as a small medical use canopy of around 500 Sq.Ft. The facility recently upgraded to the newest full-spectrum LED’s, the company is continuously upgrading and optimizing the grow environment to maximize our yield and ensure we grow the highest quality Cannabis for the customers and patients.

Distribution Operations: With the distribution license it provides the company with significant advantages over most local retail competitors that do not have this capability. Currently the distribution license sells the companies unallocated cultivation and enables the company to purchase bulk cannabis products at wholesale pricing, significantly cheaper than pre-packaged products from the same sources.

Manufacturing Operations: The manufacturing license presents another significant opportunity that is currently underutilized. With the company’s historical dual focus on cultivation and retail excellence, they are currently utilizing this license for pre-rolls and custom packaged products the company curates directly from purchasing trends.


  • Space: 40,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Rent: $105k/Month
  • Retail & Show Room: 2,500 Sq. Ft.
  • Distribution Room: 1,089 Sq. Ft.
  • Manufacturing Room: 1,131 Sq. Ft.
  • Nursery Room: 2,123 Sq. Ft.
  • Cultivation Canopy: 22,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Cultivation Rooms: 7 Grow Rooms
  • Cultivation Production: 12,000 lbs. per year
  • Second Retail Location: Application process underway with feedback from local regulators that existing licensees will be given priority position. Expecting this license to be granted sometime in Q3 2022.


  • Retail Storefront (2): Facility where cannabis, cannabis products, or devices for the use of cannabis or medical cannabis products are offered, either individually or in any combination, for retail sale, including an establishment that delivers, pursuant to express authorization by local ordinance, medical cannabis and medical cannabis products as part of a retail sale.
  • Non-Storefront Retail Delivery: Off-Premises Sales, Direct-To-Consumer.
  • Cultivation: Growing cannabis
  • Manufacturing Type 6: Manufacturing of Edibles, Vape Pens, Pre-rolled joints, Packaging flower, Tinctures, Drinks (all manufactured cannabis products).
  • Distribution: Distribution of cannabis products from manufacturer to dispensary. Distributors may also transport cannabis goods to and from all cannabis businesses: Manufacturers, Cultivators, Nurseries, Retailers, Distributors.

Looking for Funding? 

Whether it’s for a fast growth situation, a turnaround in a rising industry we can connect you with lenders. If you are looking for acquisitions, purchases and expansion these lenders could fund against a company’s revenues, accounts receivable, licenses, inventory, and real estate. By focusing on assets, instead of balance sheets and projections, the lenders could fund opportunities that banks can not. Please notify the listing agent mentioned below if you want to hear more information about this. 

 Asking Price: $12.5M (Sellers Open to Offers) 

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and provide Proof of Financials before any other detailed information is released, along with the company’s location…

Green Life Business Group, Inc DRE CA LIC# 02061374

Drew Mathews, DRE LIC CA# 02091143

If you have any questions Call Drew at (619) 653-0483

Email :

Green Life Business Group Inc. we are here to both help you sell or buy a cannabis business opportunity.

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