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Cannabis & Hemp Banking
Price : $1,000,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 80,000
Lot Size (Acres) : 40
Power (AMPS) : 400
License Type : Recreational
Year Built : 2018
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Gas
Phone : 773-397-5496

The property included to be sold is as follows:

   –  40 acres of land with a house-certified water well. 

   –  The operational Green House including 5 Bays and all the installations and equipment in them. These include: total of 10 propane heaters of 350,000 btu each (2 per bay), with separate thermostat control for each heater and with venting out the CO2 – the heaters are custom manufactured by Modine for the correct altitude; 39 single-bar LED light fixtures per bay; 4 sealing-mounted air-circulation fans; 14 wall-mounted rotation fans (per bay) each with 3 adjustable speeds – all fans operated by central 1 on/off switch and on/off/speed switch at each fan for individual control; two back-wall mounted cooling/air-ventilating fans with a thermostat control for both; Front-wall mounted open-air water coolers supplied by a centralized pump-driven water-falls to cool the intake air by water fall, and to provide for humidity increase and as a pollen-intake preventing barrier; Centralized motor-controlled Sunlight shade; Motor-controlled light-blackouts per each bay – separated for the side and front blackout; One Water supply and watering system from the Water-storage building through all bays; One Nutrients-mixing/Microorganisms-cultivation system (Bay-5 installed) semi-automatically controlled and operated to supply nutrients to all bays; Roof-installed all-bay top ventilation window, motor-operated from the central panel.    

   –  One Water-storage building with 3 x 3,000 gal (each) water-tanks installed as supply array and operated by an supply-intake/output water pump and connecter to the Green House with a 4-in pipe laid 74-inch under ground (below the freeze line). Within the building is housed s security office with security monitoring system, alarm system and information backup storage installed according to the regulations – worth of over $50,000 alone. The building has nutrient storage/preparation/ lab area. The building is heated by one 150,000 btu Modine propane heater. 

   –  One Small building serving as Office/Dining/Shower area with refrigerator, microwave and wood-stove. 

   –  One House – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom (one with skylight window, generously spaced with a separate shower cabin connected to the master-bedroom), Large kitchen/dining room with skylight window, Laundry section, front Guest-room, with wood-stove, Large  backyard & front-yard; central gas-heater with air circulation system, gas water-heater, gas kitchen stove, dishwasher, refrigerator. 

   –  One uninstalled (building permit issued) metal high-arch building (40 x 100 x 16 ft.; straight-walls) with 7-in insulation, 130 mph wind proof – all materials & installation blueprints available. 

   –  Colorado MED-compliant fencing around 1/4 of the property land 7ft+1ft barb wire, or 8-ft without barb wire, 2 security gates, lighting, cameras with day-light, infrared vision & motion-control activation, security alarm sensors, video surveillance system with night vision and 8 computerized robotic cameras at the corners of the fencing; iSpy software with intelligent behavior- and/or specific-action programing for alarm activation with up to 1,000 cameras capability.

Delta 2017 would like to introduce to your attention our “state-of-the-art” growing LED light. 

It is specially designed by Chicago engineers and manufactured in China to combine 3 different lighting options for plant growth. There no other light fixture on the American market offering so high luminescence efficiency, flexibility of lightening options and power-consumption economy. It automatically selects and works with both 110V and 220V AC.

These lights are available in two configurations – as a Single-bar Light fixture and 5-bar Light Block (please, see the attached brochure).

We have available surplus of these specially designed triple-mode single-bar LED lights. They are one of the most advanced to become available on the US Market delivering high luminescence (30,000+ Lux at 6 ft distance) with only 316W power consumption.

Current manufacturer pricing is $350 per single-bar fixture or $1,750 per 5-bar Light-block fixture (without the shipping cost).

A buyer, who purchase the entire stock, can receive the contact information for the Chinese manufacturer and continue with importing and sale of this advanced lights on the US market. 

Please, take a minute to review the attached brochure and email us or call (773) 397-5496 for more details and inquiries.


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