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Built for a purpose, not repurposed.

We offer pre drying systems, mobile and stationary hemp dryers. There is a lot that goes into a successful operation from start to finish. We add tremendous value in helping your company make a complete plan so you do not have to learn things the hard way. When looking at other manufactures, they only offer part of the system leaving you to figure out the rest and ultimately end up spending more money. This is where we can help.

Our Pre Drying system is designed to increase the efficiency and throughput of the hemp dryer.  The system allows you to accept multiple forms of hemp including freshly harvested and round bales. As most farmers harvest with a wide range of equipment it makes even the best dryers inefficient as you need to accommodate different compactions, chops, and moisture contents. Because of these variables costs, labor, equipment and throughput are ever changing. The Pre Drying system allows you to feed your Thermal 4 or existing dryer consistently in both moisture and size allowing for maximum planning and profitability.

Stationary driers can be the right fit for your application. Traditionally they are cheaper than a mobile dryer in regards to component costs. The trade off can sometimes be dependent on the location and environmental requirements. A mobile focused application can be a solution instead of extended permitting timelines and additional expense, even if the mobile system will ultimately not be moved.

Innovative next generation mobile hemp dryers that are engineered specifically to handle high volumes of hemp efficiently and without degradation are also available. When paired with our pre drying systems we can increase efficiency regardless of the humidity and moisture content of the wet hemp.

Pricing varies based on systems. 

We are happy to do a site visit and help you explore all of your local options to make an informed decision.

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