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Listing Type : Investment Opportunities
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Sale Type : Joint Venture
Company Name : Global Network COOP LLC
Phone : 2395404884
Opportunity to invest in the Extraction of Oil, Terpenes and Flavonoids from Hemp.  We have been contracted to extract for three publicly traded pharmaceutical companies and a sports drink company. 
Currently seeking to set up 3 more extraction machines for the potential to extract 5400 lbs per day.
H2O LLC is a newly formed company owned 100% by “The Community”
There will be 6 LLC’s formed, H2O 1-6, for which all are 65% owned by H20 LLC. The remaining 35% is available for participants to own minimum 4% for $100k to the full 28% available at $700k per each LLC for which will be part of the publicly traded Pharma end of year 5
Position Currently Sold Out;
H20 1 LLC (all 7 slots are sold out) 35% participants / 65% H20 LLC (Community)
H20 2 LLC (all 7 slots are sold out) 35% participants / 65% H20 LLC (Community)
H20 3 LLC (all 7 slots are sold out) 35% participants / 65% H20 LLC (Community)
H2O 4, 5, and 6 currently have positions available, time is of the essence.
The 6 extraction plants will be in one building in CA due to the abundance of available high quality hemp in the state, more locations to follow in these states (KY, NC, SC, OR, WA, MI, and others where the growth of hemp will be abundant)
There will be six (6) extraction plants running to full fill the purchase orders pending, but the entire platform is designed for a total of 42 extraction plants for which will then ALL reverse into a public companies. The public companies are already chosen, but can not discuss at this time. 
The original 6 LLC will revert to the large publicly traded company we are currently in agreement with.  The remaining 36 extraction plants will continue to be all fully owned by H2O LLC, which offers its own investment equity ownership
With the structure our goal is to meet the minimums for the participants, achieving that will create an 8 to 1 value in the reverse merger at the very least, we are anticipating a much higher value. 
Production capability for each extraction plant.
300 lbs every 8 hours, Only requires 3 employees to run.  That is $265K in revenue per day per unit, our numbers are all calculated that we meet the participants minimums @ 4% of capability, then multiply by 6 machines,
then multiply by 42 machines working nationally.
Our structure is designed to shield all the participants from any loss, we absorb it while you, our Investor remains risk-less.
For those wanting more to be part of the main corporate company with equity position in all 42 extraction plants then this opportunity is for you.  This structure is similar in securing your funds within the main H2O LLC, the minimum invested amount is $3M for 20% equity position, see below for details;
Participant buys a Promissory Note for $3M for a term of 5 years.  The Participant earns a total of 10% apr as 5% annually disbursed monthly $12,500 per month and a lump sum 5% bonus each year (12 months) of $150K.   This is the minimum you will earn.  The earnings will increase with revenue sharing that starts in month 18 with your 20% equity of H20 LLC entire position over all 42 extraction plants. You will receive the greater of the equity or at the minimum the 10% apr shown above. 
At the end of the five year term the participating member has option to convert into 20% of H2O LLC, which includes a seat on the board.  
A Personal and corporate guarantee by the CEO secure funding
OR if you require additional collateral for funding
If the participant would like their funds guaranteed with a particular asset, we will put up a plaza (that carries the full face value of their funds), the term is the same, 5 years. The First Deed of Trust amortized over 50 years @ 3% annually, due in 5
monthly payments of $9,659.32
after 12 months, participant then starts to earn 10% annually on the face value of $3M (per same as above 5% and 5% bonus). As above at the end of the term participant has option to convert the $3M into 10% equity of H2O LLC, to include a seat on the board.
First Deed of Trust guarantees the Investors funds on this deal as well as Corporate Guarantee.
with either of these the option to cancel the is no penalties but require a written notice, it will require 12 months to unravel your funds so as not to cause a risk within the structure. 
I look forward to having a conversation with those interested in getting into the cannabis industry as the future is open to extended growth beyond extraction in a well structured secure environment.
Thank you for your time, my direct contact below is email and phone number, I am on Eastern Time.
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