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Price : $1,517,000
Listing Type : Other
Status : ACTIVE
Medical or Recreational : Both
Sale Type : Cash

Check out this incredible opportunity to invest in a well established business that offers a full  service medical and recreational cannabis operation.  Please see back of flyer for additional       information. 

· Combined Total Sales for 2017:  $2,582,127  Huge potential.  Sales as high as $5,200,000 in 2016

 · The investment price starts at $1,517,000 for up to 49% of the company.

· All partners or investors need to be approved by current ownership group prior to  entering into an agreement to purchase  a percentage of this business.


About the Facilities:

 Cultivation Center– Located in Denver.

· Size – 7,692 square feet            

· Current lease rate – $9,900 per month + NNN.  Lease can be extended through April 30, 2023 but lease rate increases upon annual renewals.

· Tenant pays for all expenses.

· Licenses – Recreational Tier 1 cultivation (1,800 plant count), MOPC license  (110 Medical Patients—Plant count currently 368, but  able to cultivate as many as 810)

· Power – 800 amp 3 phase power 

· 73 Flowering Phantom Black Dog Lights—Variable Wattage 615-1150 Watts  Par Value 950

· 11 T5 lights for cloning, 22 Sun System 315 Watt  Metal Halide for vegetative rooms and 11 T5 for cloning rooms

· Plumbed for CO2

· 45 Tons AC

· Rolling Tables

· 2 Story Cultivation—1st floor includes 2 veg rooms plus mother room, 2 flowering rooms, 1 trim and cure room.  2nd floor includes 5 flowering rooms, 3 veg rooms and 1 irrigation and fertigation room, dry room and one DVR and camera room.

· Average Utilities per month – $5,000


Stand Alone MIP’s LAB facility – Located off of Havana in Denver.  Full Processing Facility


· Lab is currently processing recreational and medical waxes, shatters, fresh frozen, capsules,  edibles and RSO oils.

· Ethanol, butane, and propane extractions—equipment is EMOTECH and Extraction Tech

· Size – 1,600 square feet

· Current lease rate – $5,100 per month + NNN – Lease can be extended with options through – March of 2032

· Tenant pays all expenses for building.

· Licenses – Recreational Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturer (RMIP’s)  as well as Medical Marijuana Products Manufacturer (MMIP’s)

· Lab can be extended by 2,200 sf if Buyer desires additional lab space. Seller has prepared plans for lab extension that can be reviewed by potential buyers.  Please ask agent for plans.

· Space includes office, MIPs  kitchen, Butane extraction, ethanol extractions, numerous ovens and prep areas for employees.

· Please ask agent for detailed list of  MIPs equipment.

· Power  – 400 amp single phase and this can be upgraded if needed.

· Average Utilities per month – $900


Dispensary – Medical and Recreational  Located in Cherry Creek

With Great Income Demographics

· Size –  1,950 square feet

· Current lease rate – $4,870 per month + NNN – Lease has been extended through 2022.

· Tenant pays all expenses for the building.

· Licenses – RMC Retail Marijuana Store Retail Marijuana Conditional License + MMC-     Medical store Type 1 Medical Marijuana Conditional License

· 6 Point of Sale Systems—2 Medical and 4 Recreational Point of Sale systems

· 3 Onsite theft proof safes

· Storage area and office area in basement of facility.


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