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Price : $750,000
License Type : Medical & Recreational

We are signing our lease on November 4, We have the Applications for Manufacturing, Distribution, Shared Use and Delivery ready to be submitted to Santa Ana with Manufacturing and Distribution applications being applied for first and then December 15 the other 2 license applications will be submitted.   One of the 3 partner will be paying for the first two licenses applications for Santa Ana and some additional costs. . We are looking for an investor that can bring business experience and $750,000 to launch our Full operations from a 1 man show to a Manufacturing of  Cannabis Medication products, Adult Recreational Edibles , CBD products for both Medication and Dietary Supplements .     

Medicinal Cannabis Products: Our proven medical cannabis protocols have documented efficacy in a myriad of disease & disorders.  We have over 40 recorded cancer remissions and a long list of testimonials regarding everything from auto immune disorders to neurological deficiencies. Our therapeutic brands are well known in the legal cannabis market with 8 products currently in production.  We have research Doctors from UCLA who are ready to begin trials as well as medical trials companies interested in a number of  models.  We in the planning phase of  the research process with 2 groups that preparing their proposed plans for 2 year research and FDA application .  From our current products and licenses we will launch with  multiple revenue streams beginning with Distribution of Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis products to legal Dispensaries in California.  We will also add the Delivery service for the medicinal & recreational products directly & discreetly to patients and consumers. We will support the medical cannabis patients with a seperate individual consulting company to educate and guide patients how to use our cannabis products for therapeutic benefit.  We will also expand and  extend this service to our private group of Pain and Cancer doctors.   

Candy Products: We will also manufacture and distribute high end edibles that that focus on Flavor, Texture and Extra non Cannabis products for just eating.  We will launch our Chocolate line to focus on smaller portion chocolates for daily enjoyment.   In addition we will focus on medication side to target certain ailments with certain types of Candies.  We will launch These products will include gummies, 1 oz cannabis shots from the one of the top Gummy manufacturers in California.  We will also have hard old fashion candy and Lollipops both in CBD and Cannabis.   

Additional Products: The Core groups will include sub group of Intimacy (CBD and Cannabis), Pets (CBD) and Work out products( CBD and Cannabis).  The CBD will be allowed to be sold to more clients over the USA.  We are also connected with a new CBD Manufacturing facility that will supply all of our CBD products.

CBD Water:  We also have a line CBD Water that will be sold in our brand and white label options.   Currently we have clients we are white labeling for and developing new flavors. 

For Phase 2 of our business plan we will launch the Delivery business.  The Delivery business will focus on Medications, Cosmetics and Pet products from the Cannabis Businesses.  We feel we could be the Amazon delivery of Cannabis instead of targeting the Recreational Get Stoned world. We believe we can begin the work up and test deliveries by Spring 2020 or Summer  2020. 

Financial Modeling : Mj’s has been in business for over 7 years by referral and Co-ops till last year when the products made their way back to the Dispensaries shelves.   We have Financial Modeling for the Medication side of the business showing the ramp up of the 2.5 years.  We will have revenues of $1,100,000 a month with water sales and $500K to $600K per month with out the water sales. This is based on just the Manufacturing and Distribution Business for Medication and Candies.  We have not finished the Modeling to include the  medication revenue coming from the Private Consult Business and the Doctors Referral Business once we start adding the private delivery.  This will double the revenue at minimum. 

Exit Plan: For a short investment exit time frame we have 2 Secondary Investment groups that have indicated they would come in and invest the required money for the launch of the Delivery business as well as the Phase 2 products and FDA positioning of products.   The other two investor groups have requirements for the company to have all licenses and 6 months to 1 year of operations with the Distribution, Consulting Business Set up and Doctors on board with the Delivery side.   We would also have no problems for the first Investor that funds the Start up to be part of the business all the way through the Phases we have planned and to help provide guidance. But we want to be realistic that the investor may want to exit at the second Phase.  We are willing to negotiate if  this will be Debt or Equity or combination of both. 

Location of the business is right off the 55 Freeway in Santa Ana, We have the agreement with the Landlord for the right to own and pull the Delivery Licensee for this location.

Executive Statement and Summary.
Our Mission is to be the most effective medical cannabis brand in the nation. While the federal government works towards national legalization. MJ’S has begun marketing to legal California collectives and delivery services in order to scale their operation throughout California and eventually nationwide.  MJ’S has always been on the path of utilizing cannabis as a therapeutic agent and striving for the ultimate goal of becoming FDA approved products for an alternative approach to numerous diseases and disorders.

Recently, Dr. Matt Montee Phd. Cannabis researcher at  NICER – UCLA and Board Member of has highlighted the MJ’S products on ABC news and has offered to become a board member and Doctor’s Advocate for MJ’S Therapeutic Brands. Having tried hundreds of cannabis products for his patients, he has stated that the “MJ’S products are one of the most effective therapeutic cannabis products in California”. He believes these protocols could be the answer to the opioid epidemic and an answer to suicidal ideation. Having worked with veterans suffering from PTSD, he has seen firsthand the benefits of these protocols.

MJ’S has also been working with board members at the VA hospital in Long Beach for Paralyzed Veterans. Although the board has agreed that these products are a safer and more effective alternative, under current federal law they can not promote or prescribe.  MJ’s has created a way for veterans to access these protocols with Kings Krew Dispensary across the street from the hospital. By building relationships now with the board members, MJ’S will be positioned as the best option for veterans who suffer from PTSD and are currently taking anti anxiety drugs, pain medications and or depression drugs. 

MJ’S Protocols have also captured the interest of Dr’s looking to start trials regarding multiple disease and disorders. Although this can be a very expensive venue, MJ’S is confident our protocols will show significant improvements across a myriad of disease and disorders. The ultimate goal of the MJ’S Therapeutic Brands is to be recognized as the leader in cannabis therapeutic protocols through trials and continued success with our clients. This will make our brand the perfect buyout for a large pharmaceutical or wellness company. With 45 stage 4 cancer remissions to date, MJ’S Brands is the preferred protocol for anyone who has access to this company and its brand.

Currently MJ’S is being  sold at a select major dispensaries in California. MJ’S will soon expand to multiple storefronts and delivery services without over extending its financials and maintaining profitability as we scale up. Our Long Term goals for next year will be to begin with research trials on our Roll on and our protocols for Cancer.  We are in talks with 2 groups of Ph Doctors and Research groups to handle this research and Case Documentation.    

Follow Up: For all Financial Models , Background, Phase 1 plan and Summary of Phase 2 please email me.  We also can meet to show samples of products and capabilities. 

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