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Company Name : Holistic Remedies L. L..C
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We formed Holistic Remedies L.L.C. to do something we not only enjoy doing but love doing and when you love what you do your quality and craftsmanship will always show in your product. With the combined knowledge of over 25 years experience in the marijuana cultivation field, we can guarantee we have the knowledge to succeed where others have failed. Cultivation on a large scale with detail to quality. Our plan is to move from just cultivation and processing to providing a full array of cannabis products and services. From tinctures, salves and liniments to a large assortment of edibles, and even producing our own concentrates, product testing, packaging, and delivery. Our end goal is to produce, handle, process, and distribute all our own products to ensure quality and consistency. The cannabis industry is still in it’s infancy Holistic Remedies L.L.C. wants to get in now and grow and diversify with it. As the industry is still growing funding is difficult to find, laws are still being made, and changed. So we are taking every precaution to ensure we are up to date and in compliance with state and county laws. Holistic Remedies L.L.C. is goal orientated , driven and strive for excellence. Holistic Remedies L.L.C. will achieve our vision of a self sustained company that will change the industry as we know it. Holistic Remedies L.L.C. is looking for investors who can see our vision and are willing to start this journey with us. We need start up capitol to acquire the property, to start our grows, prepare the property and to finalize our state and county licenses and permits.

We are in the final stages of the state application process. We  need cultivation site related information to finalize and submit.  While we are waiting for approval we will take advantage of the temporary permit, which allows us to start cultivating while waiting for our permanent permits and licensing. Once our state license process is complete we can then begin the counties permitting process that may take up to 6 months , during which time we will have already begun cultivation of our product.

Holistic Remedies L.L.C. already has quality strains. Fire O.G., Sluricane, and Gorilla Glue for mother plants. We also have established licensed and reputable distributors eager to start distribution of our proven quality products. 

The Breakdown

For our state licensing to be completed:

Property where cultivation will take place is needed for various diagrams, inspections, and applicable permits for the state application process.

• Sellers permit currently waiting for permanent address as well)

• Application fees.

• License fees

For Mendocino County;

Property where cultivation will take place.

• Mendocino County Cannabis business license.

• Various permits and license to allow cultivation and processing.

• License and permit fees

Capitol to prepare property

Start up Costs

Licensing & Permits

State Application Fee (Cultivation)                                       $4,945  

State License Fee (Cultivation)                                               $44,517        

State Application Fee (Processor)                                          $1,040    

State License Fee (Processor)                                                  $9,370 

Mendocino County Permit Fees                                             $8,638 

Property Costs

Property Purchase                                                                      $50,000       

4 Storage Buildings                                                                    $51,078

Fencing                                                                                         $10,000

Irrigation Supplies                                                                      $4,400

Building Permits                                                                         $10,000

P.G.&E.                                                                                          $25,000

First year operations costs                                                        $160,000

Total Needed to borrow                          $368,988 

Projected Sales & Profit First Year

Holistic Remedies L.L.C. will have any investments, doubled and returned with interest in the first year of operations. To show Holistic Remedies L.L.C.’s appreciation for seeing our vision and helping achieve it, an additional incentive of 10% of our profit for two years after repayment of the initial loan, will also be given.  Holistic Remedies L.L.C. bases this statement on our confidence in our product, ability and the following breakdown;

Projected Sales Breakdown

4 hoop houses totaling 8,640 square feet of the allowed 10,000 square feet.

• 200 plants per hoop house.

• 1pound per plant at $1,500 per pound.

• 2 crops per hoop house per year.

• 1,600 plants per year yielding 1,600 pounds.

1,600 pounds x $1,500 = $2,400,000

$368,988 at 10% interest for 1 year=$405,887 x 2= $811,774 return 

$2,400,000-$811,774=$1,588,226 after initial loan is repaid

$1,588,226-$160,000 approx. yearly operations costs leaves 

$1,428,226 for profit/reinvestment for our continued growth and expansion

Investment Return ;

Loan amount=$368,988

First year return with 10% interest and doubled=$811,774

Second year return of 10% of projected profit=$142,823

Third year return of 10% of projected profit=$142,823 

For a grand total of=$1,097,420 being returned to the investor

Contact us at

Jacob C. Gaede 



Victoria J. Moseley


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