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The Iron Fist Extractors EX-40 system is composed of a 120 lb jacketed solvent tank, four 10 lb jacketed material columns, four 10 lb jacketed dewax columns, a collection vessel, a 2nd separator, pre and post injection cooling coils, a third nitrogen injection cooling coil on pump stand, three chillers, one heater, and two recovery pumps. Vessel pressure ratings and component specifications are identified later in this report.

Certifications: All Iron Fist Extractors and components have been third-party peer-reviewed by professional engineers and meet all regulatory requirements for safe and legal operation.

Capacity: 40 LBS

Approved Solvents: Butane/Propane

Max Pressure Rating: 250 psi

Temperature Range: -30 ̊ to 110 ̊ F

Recovery Times: 1-1.5 lbs per minute

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