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The Iron Fist Extractors EX-80 is a 80 lb (dry weight) capacity closed-loop extraction system used to extract cannabis or hemp concentrates using hydrocarbon.


  • Max Pressure Rating: 250 PSI
  • Max Temperature: -65 (F) to 110 (F). Note: System can be customized upon request to achieve lower temperature rating)
  • Approximate Footprint: 167” (L) X 67” (W) X 67” (H)
  • Recovery Method: Hybrid (Active or Passive)
  • Solvent Recovery Rate: 3/4 LB to 2 LBS Per Minute. Note: higher recovery times can be achieved with the the right ancillary equipment such as chiller, heater, and recovery pump.
  • Runtime: 60 to 200 Minutes. Note: Runtimes are subjective to factors such as: solvent blend, operating temperatures, recovery pump performance, solvent to material ratio, and operator skill.
  • Solvent Tank Capacity: 150 LBS (Rated at 80% Capacity per ASME) X2
  • Solvent Usage:  Designed be flexible to run propane, butane, or blended hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Peer Reviewed: Reviewed by third-party professional engineers (3P Certz) and are certified for operation.
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds all industry listed standards for: ASME Section VIII, GMP, IFC 3904.4, NFPA 1:, 3-A Sanitary Standard, Class
    1 Division 1, NSF and UL21.
  • Product Production: Can produce ALL of today’s popular concentrated retail products, such as: Crude, Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Isolate, and more.
Trusteel AV30 Automated Solvent Recovery System
Trusteel AV30 Automated Solvent Recovery System
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