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Cannabis & Hemp Banking
Price : $65,000
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Just Go Suck it
Phone : 702 542 9029


Are ready to jump into the cannabis industry?!?! 

Nominated TWO years in a row for the Best Smoke Shop Product by the Nevada Cannabis and Music Awards, Just Go Suck it is up for Sale.

You may know, there’s a huge problem in the Vape Cartridge Industry, faulty carts! Averaging 7-10% faulty, these carts end up in consumers hands (usually) without the manufacturers’ knowledge.

Those carts = consumer wasted money 

So I created Just Go Suck it, the 1st and ONLY REUSABLE Oil Recovery Kit on the market!!

We like to say…

Don’t throw it out, Suck it out!! ✌️ 💉✌️

Using a tiny blunt tip needle, the 2.25g glass syringe helps lower the needle between the atomizer and cart wall. A little heat, a slow pull up, and your “trash oil” is now ready to be reused, recycled, and enjoyed all over again!

Repurpose it, drop it into the provided (empty) 1g cart, line your blunt with it, fill your banger…options are endless.

Best part, No Additives Required!!

NOW you can easily remove (and reuse!!) leftover Vape Oil, maintaining your original lab quality medicine.

With so many faulty carts making it to the market, this accessory has become a necessity in the Vape Community.

Currently being sold across the US, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, I’ve taken it as far as I can on my own.

Willing to sell for inventory plus points!

This turnkey accessory business is the easiest way to BE in the cannabis market!!

Plus we have white labeled our first  Proprietary Hybrid THC Distillate with Natural Botanical Terpenes….The Sweet Sauce, it’s Swag for your mouth! 😋👄 😋 

THAT launches in California in May 2023. 🥳

So now (in CA) there’s 3 purchasing options:

* Recovery Kit w/empty Vape (to put recovered oil into for consumption.)

* Recovery Kit w/1g Sweet Sauce

* 1g Sweet Sauce Vape Cartridge 

There’s also Swag, Stickers, Post Cards, SM Channels, etc. Many different ways for this company to earn astronomical income. I’ve set it ALL up for you!

Easily step into this existing business and quickly take the industry by storm! 

Did I mention there’s even a Trademark?!?!

Help me keep this business alive…



can Just Go Suck it! 🤭 jk

Thanks for the consideration!

Retail cannabis License for sale in Kelso, Washington in Cowlitz County
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