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Price : $8,200,000
Listing Type : Retail
Status : ACTIVE
Phone : 8188068245

The Dispensary has been in operation for over 12 years and is licensed for Retail, Cultivation, Distributor, Manufacturing and Retailer Non-Storefront. Currently only the Retail is in operation. Addition of the other licenses (That the city is currently reviewing architectural plans), will add a significant increase to the current revenues.

The cannabis market is competitive, but with the turn of the year licensed owners will see a very strong market position due to regulation enforcement and the closure of non-licensed facilities. Revenues are expected to increase in the next 12 months due to these changes being carried out by the state in 2019. Market Value for all Licenses (Retail Storefront, Retail Delivery, Cultivation, Manufacturing and Distribution and you have licenses for both Medical and Recreational is going between 5M to 5.5M for just paper with zero revenues. By simply implementing the Delivery service, the business can bring in an additional $8mil alone. An average delivery service does between 150 and 200 deliveries a day, a really good one will do between 250 and 400 a day. Average ticket on deliveries are higher than storefronts, industry average is 110 per order. At 200 deliveries a day at the $110 average order, the Delivery can provide an additional $8M in revenue per year which they have not started yet.


  • Total Space: 7,000 sq ft
  • Parking spots: 20 + Street Parking 


  • Rent: $12k/month 
  • Long Term Lease available


  • License: Retailer, Retailer Non-Storefront, Cultivation, Distributor, Manufacturer, 
  • Employees: 10
  • P.O.S System: Green Bit
  • There is a Billboard on the property that the new operator can take over to market on.
  • Strong Social Media in place


Asking Price: $8,200,000.00

Call: 818-806-8245


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