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.  I have the below equipment for sale – all brand new and never used – high volume ethanol based, cbd extraction equipment.  The system is designed for 2,000 L/hr of ethanol/cbd oil mix constrained by the evaporator capacity (we have 4 – 500L/hr evaporators). 

 I am willing to steeply discount this equipment for a sale as personal problems force me to sell it!

I have enclosed a complete description of the extraction equipment that we purchased in several lots, plus the auxiliary equipment needed to move product around. I also included photos of the equipment and I have drawings of each piece also available. This equipment is of the highest quality inside and out. It is located in the Denver, CO area for viewing.

If you are interested in increasing your bottom line, please contact me at 262 613 9152 or at for further information.


Terry Anderson

Eagle Ridge Extraction CEO

Description Quantity

Air feeder (to feed the 4 – 500L extractors) 1

500L Jacketed extraction tanks attached to a platform station 1

Centrifuge 1

500L unjacketed storge tanks 4

500L rising film evaoprator 1


1,000L unjacketed storage tank 1

500L decarb unit 1

5,000L unjacketed ethanol storage tank 2

Cooling tower 1

Chiller (small) 1

3,000L jacketed storage tank 1

Centrifuge 1

500L unjacketed storage tank 4

1,000L unjacketed storage tank 1

Nitrogen generator 1

500L single effect evaporators 3

500L decarb unit 1

Cooling tower 1

Chiller 1

Centrifuge spent biomass vacuum to outside for removal 1

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