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Status : ACTIVE
Price for Rent : 8000
Size : 5336
Lot Size (Acres) : 21,000
Lease Type : Modified Gross
NNN Cost : Insurance and Janitorial
APN : 037-200-002-000
Power (AMPS) : 600
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis, Hemp, Cannabis and/or Hemp
License Type : Recreational
City Tax Rate : 2%
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Sewer
Company Name : Fluids Manufacturing Inc
Phone : 8183710967

A fabulous opportunity to process cannabis or hemp in Mammoth Lakes, CA, a town in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s known for the Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain ski areas and nearby trails. 


This lab and processing plant were designed to produce over 2,000,000 grams of distillate per month. State of the art equipment to perform ethanol extractions and the ability to recover up to 2000 gallons of ethanol in an 8-hour day. The factory is equipped with both single and three-phase power resources that will be more than sufficient to power all of your equipment. All piping and electrical wiring meet the requirements of the City of Mammoth Lakes and the State of CA. The factory is currently licensed by the city and the state to perform type 6 cannabis manufacturing. Although the state license is non-transferable, the city, on the other hand, is very cooperative. Its low tax rate is an added bonus. Regulations and tax rates are available at https://www.townofmammothlakes.ca.gov/768/Cannabis-Regulatory-Framework.


The building is fully equipped with a C1D1 room, a C1D2 room, an employee entrance and locker area, a gorgeous break room and kitchenette, 2 fully remodeled bathrooms, and a luxurious foyer. The flooring throughout the lab is top of the line. Everything in the factory will dazzle even the most critical buyer.


The facility boasts about 5000+ sq. ft of usable space and a very large usable flat lot. 


o  Pinnacle Solvent (i.e. Ethanol) Storage Tanks – Four 600 Gallon Tanks (outside)

·      Pinnacle Extraction (2- 90 Gallon Vessels) Skid Holds 160 Lbs. (est. 160 Lbs./hr.) (C1D1 Room)

·      “Kitty Hawk” custom solvent recovery system w/master control and monitoring consul. (C1D2 Room)-*See at the bottom of the page. KH Link 1.  KH Link 2.

·      Other complementary parts and components included


Pinnacle is a NSF certified custom stainless fabrication company.  “Kitty Hawk” is a multi-manufacturer custom system designed by engineers and a PHD.  (We named it “Kitty Hawk”)


There are a plethora of additional spare parts, chemicals, supplies, and glassware available for purchase. The distillation room is ready for you to set up several distillation units.


The landlord is very cooperative and is very comfortable with either cannabis, hemp, or anything else compliant. The lease is negotiable. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our video is worth a million words. 


“We cooperate will all brokers and attorneys.”


Asset Sale Only w/Leasehold

(Investopedia.com excerpt)

•        An asset sale occurs when a company sells some or all of its actual assets, either tangible or intangible.

•        In an asset sale, the seller retains legal ownership of the company but has no further recourse to the sold assets.

•        The buyer assumes no liabilities in an asset sale.


Assets are unencumbered and free of liens.  Assets are “free and clear”.  Buyer is obligated to do their own due diligence including but not limited to hiring an attorney and CPA/Tax Expert, lien searched, & contacting regulatory agencies etc.  Seller is selling assets “As Is” without any reps or warrants, implied or otherwise. Buyer is responsible to take over or establish lease(s), currently month-to-month, with very a flexible landlord(s).


KITTY HAWK (footnote)


*“Kitty Hawk” HIGH TEMP / HIGH VACUUM DISTILLATION SYSTEM Thin Film for Molecular Separation including Solvent Recovery.  Multiple use Thin Film distillation plus high temperature system:  Operational temperature up to ~325 Deg.C (620 Deg.F)  at 1.0mm vacuum. Last used for Ethanol Distillation for Cannabis oil.

This is a “state-of-the-art” chemical processing / distillation / separation / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant.  There is literally very little that this system is not designed to accomplish when it comes to any chemical processing need.  Originally, it was a ~$1.45MM unit as installed in late 2009 – early 2010.  Only used to evaporate water from inert solids powder, it has been used very sparingly since then.  It is in very good working order, and is designed for easy dis-assembly and re-assembly.
Excellent pilot / production system for most applications including:
A) Rm or high temp/vac distillations
B) Polymerizations
C) Pharm. synthesis & purifications
D) Liquid-solids separations,
E) High-temp / high-vac  reactions.
F) Liquid – liquid separations

Efficiently separates multiple liquids with different boiling / vaporization properties.  Also separates single or multiple liquids from most types of suspended solids. Horizontal thin film wiper chamber has approx 1/4″ or less clearance. Rated up to 400 gallons an hour.
Sold AIWI. Last client used ~4 guys with 4 days to disassemble and loaded all onto 1 lowboy trailer.

Currently installed in California. 

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