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We are your turnkey solution to entering the highly lucrative cannabis industry. We will work with you to select an advantageous location and secure your license, so you can operate legally. We will also help match you with the real estate experts and Attorneys, so your business is successfully launched. Acting now is important. Cities and Counties limit the number of licenses that they grant. Once those few licenses are issued, it may be a year or more before more are made available. Getting in on the ground floor, or early is important. And for every license available, there are typically hundreds of applications. Timing, location, and license availability is a specialty that sets us apart from the competition. Don’t waist time by entering the license lottery. Many persons wait several years before they finally secure a license to operate. Our team has spent years in the cannabis industry. We have personally operated in cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and dispensary operation. We offer your project the expertise to set up your operation, obtain suppliers, hire staff, and insure your business is compliant with local and state regulations. We also offer ongoing assistance in all of these areas while you build your own industry expertise. Unfortunately, some business lose their license because they do not understand the importance of compliance. Navigating the ever-changing landscape of cannabis can seem complex and risky. Our CEO has over 27 years of consulting expertise as an expert in the civil litigation arena. We understand the importance of accurate information and we have our fingers on the pulse of “industry shift”. We have helped qualified clients across the united states as they entered the cannabis industry and we can help you. A successful operation can achieve returns of 200+% annually. If you have the right business acumen, cannabis is right for you. State licensing has brought with it the stability and a safe investment environment for your investment dollars. 

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