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Hello, my name is Edgar Cruz, founder and sole owner of /ˈEkstrəpē/ (Extropy).

We are a Social Equity Cannabis Brand based in Long Beach, California that is focused on the advancement of BIPOC partnerships and elevating collaborations for legacy operators in the cannabis space. 

We are looking for partnership opportunities for our upcoming micro business as we look to expand our reach with exclusive retail opportunities in southern California. 

Specifically somebody or an entity that has equipment for cultivation, manufacturing & distribution we can utilize within the property we have. 

As a vocal member of the Long Beach community my mission centers on advocating for the cannabis industry and Social Equity to expand opportunities and eliminate political barriers. /ˈEkstrəpē/ is owned and operated by individuals from Drug War Impacted Communities who deeply understand what this opportunity means. The team I have assembled has a colorful background in other industries including Entertainment, Music, Fashion, Sports, Government Policy, Community Redevelopment, Education & More. /ˈEkstrəpē/ was created and designed to be a cultural platform for the cannabis industry as well as any other industries where there is a lack of equity inclusion. 


/ˈEkstrəpē/ transcends the notion of supply and exchange of goods and services as a transaction, but serves as a tool for empowerment. Our goal is to provide the market’s most innovative and highest quality products while perpetuating a greater purpose in serving a disenfranchised majority of people in Long Beach & beyond with affordable products. Our target audience is the communities we represent, typically serviced by the illicit market, with safe/tested products.

We are currently in the process of building a cannabis micro business, with an incubation strategy, that should be fully operational by late 2023. I am also the founder of a nonprofit organization, the LBCCC, that focuses on social equity advocacy and policy development. Through the LBCCC, I have assisted cities and states with the creation of their equity programs, piloted academy programs for equity entrepreneurs, as well as advised in the creation of laws and ordinances to expand inclusion and equity in the emerging cannabis space. 


Edgar C


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