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This is it! Fully licensed and operational. Over 7200 sq feet of operational indoor grow. Complete with all of the supply chain and sales contracts for the dispensaries.This is LOADED!

Water has special carbon filtration system. Additional 5,000 sq ft indoor growing facility being updated now. Additional 20,000 sq ft outdoor zone approved by the county. 27 TONS of AC inside. 40 1000 watt lights- all dimmable, mobile 4×4 tables for rotating crop. Current 500 plants up and producing with another 2500 planned for this coming year. Complete surveillance system with 16 cameras, double steel doors, ALL OLCC compliant!

Equipment list includes: Atomizer, CO2 tanks, CO2 Burners, Ozone generator, 5 12,000 btu portable AC units, 50 gallon barrels for mixing nutrients, pumps to deliver nutrients to plants, Special grow room set off for 500 clones in 144 trays as additional supplier to other growers, additional secure rooms for mothering new clones and vegging.

Owner is willing to discuss terms, additional living space, privacy and security! Let us know as soon as possible! For obvious reasons, location is very private!

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