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I’ll make this short and sweet.

Two years ago I started a company that focuses on innovation in the hemp industry. During this time I invented multiple tech and IP solutions that give me a monopoly in the industry. 

The tech that I invented allows me to make spec flower. What does this mean. 

It means why grow high end flower when I can make it. We all live and die by the lab test results. I can hit any number on any COA. I can change the color bud structure potency and the list goes on. My tech uses zero chemicals. 

I have another invention that allows me to fully terpene infuse any flower. My process 100% atomizes the terpenes without heat or chemicals. This allows for any flavor or taste be incorporated into your flower.

My next invention allows me to color remedy keif. The value of CBG and cbd keif depends on color. My process allows for color changes chemical free.

My final product I invented which I am most excited about is.

I invented a hemp flower that has zero thc and over 25% CBD. The flower resembles indoor top shelf marijuana. But is LOQ thc and delta. And legal to sell in every country in the world. 

I am a one man show and now that I have a monopoly in the industry I am looking to scale up. 

If you are interested in partnering or buying me out right. Please reach out. 

All of us know any high cbd flower contains some level of thc. The international market won’t touch it. My cbd flower is the only one in the world. It’s the highest in CBD. I have a monopoly and the revenue potential is endless. 

For the next 30 days I’m taking meetings inside the U.S. 

If you are looking for partnership I’m looking for at least 500k for 40%. 

I want to build this company and I have the business plan to bring it home. But I can’t do it alone 


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