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Cannabis & Hemp Banking
Price : $25,000
Status : ACTIVE
License Type : Recreational, Medical, Medical & Recreational
City Tax Rate : Los Angeles
Year Built : 2011
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : 420 FARMACY
Phone : 714-948-6327

There are many great Farms and Businesses for sale or seeking expansion and from all over the Green State of California. WOW…Amazing!

Los Angeles…yes…L.A….The Valley…Surrounded by the largest Markets…in Cannabis.

If this is where you want to be…then we have a great Opportunity.

First…This Company is fully Legal and Compliant and is in the seven figure income and profit mode…and…in Los Angeles and now has PERMANENT Forever Licensing…in L. A.

Multiple Facilities for:

Cultivation-Extraction-Processing-Transport-Distribution…this Company has it all.

The Resale Value of these Licenses is 5 Million plus…and there are 11 in total.

Yes…11 Permanent Licenses to Grow Green Cannabis and actually…grow Money.

This Company has excellent Financials that are available for review. As well as several million in Capital and Equipment Assets.

Current Value is 10M plus. 

This Company is now ready to expand and also provide an Opportunity for Investors…large or small…an open door into also being a part of this Business and of course…earning a really really great return…Safe Solid Secure.

This Company also has many Projects/Contracts to Process and Prepare Cannabis Products for many other Companies, in that, these Companies did not receive Permanent Licensing…but only to Grow and Cultivate…and this Company has the Contracts for these Companies to be able to Process.

And there are some that are Companies and Retail Stores that want the Raw Extracts and Rosins and Oils to prepare their own Products…

Some are CBD and some are THC and some are a mixture of CBD and THC.

Some for Recreational and some for Medicinal…this Company has it all!

Here are the Options and Opportunities:



If you have been wanting to Invest in the Cannabis and Marijuana Business, but did not have or did not receive a License…or…just want to Invest and earn Income from this Green Commodity…then…we should talk.

We have several Options and Opportunities:

25 k Invested…in 90 days becomes 28k at 12% in 90 days or $3k Return…

If the same 25k is rotated over 12 Months then it can earn 3k up to 4 times a year.

The Green Flower in the Picture becomes the Rosin in the Picture…or Oil or other Extracts.

The Value goes up as the Product is Condensed for Commercial Cannabis Products.

You may already know this and just want the Opportunity to become part of a successful Company…with excellent Credentials and a great Team of Professionals in Cannabis.

That is who we are…and you are an Investor that wants to join the Team.

THIS IS CANNABIS EXTRACTION and PROCESSING which turns a Unit of Cannabis valued at 1k to 2k Wholesale, into Rosins and Oils that have a Retail Value two to three times that amount…thereby the Opportunity to Capitalize, on the many Extraction Contracts we are licensed to Process.

This is also an Opportunity for the Independent Investor. 

We also work with larger Investment Companies or Groups or Funds.

We Process Cannabis into Oils and Extracts and as the Production Schedules rotate, every 90 days from start to sale of the Products, as Oils and Extracts…with Buyers waiting and Invoices Ordered and Confirmed…the Investors in this Business Production Expansion, receive the Income and the Principle.

If the Investor chooses to again Invest in another Process and Purchase Contract, then a new Agreement is signed up and…it continues….every 90 days.

Of course, any Qualified Investor or Finance Fund or Source, would have all Information and Details and Financials to consider and review…and of course…visit with Us at the Facility where we can Meet and Greet and…work together in this Green Commodity.


”’grow your investment money… and make money …with money that actually grows”’


My name is Paul.

The Company promoting this Opportunity in the Cannabis Business:

Is Fully Licensed and in Los Angeles/Valley and has Permanent Status with the State and City and in Compliance with all Regulations.

714-948-6327-Please text if we miss the call. Or email…

Brokers and Real Estate Companies and Direct Lenders/Investors are invited to inquire.

By the way…we have other Investment Opportunities in Cultivation and Distribution.

We can also help Farms that only have Cultivation Licenses or need help with their Distribution and we can also earn Revenue by Contracts with these Companies.

We also may Purchase the Commodity at one Price and Distribute at a higher Price as we Transport and Distribute with Permanent Licensing…for Whole Sale Growers to Wholesale Retail Buyers and Stores and Dispensaries…or Companies that Process their own Products.

We can do it all!

Let’s talk.

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