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We at GREENWERKS LLC are glad to open lucrative partnership opportunities for long-term and short-term stock investors seeking greater returns on their investments.


We are an esteemed company providing sustainable infrastructure solutions, advanced technologies, consumer products, and supply chain solutions for indigenous nations, world governments, businesses, and consumers.

Our company has business in the agricultural, business, cannabis, energy, government, medicine, and technology sectors.


We are currently seeking investments in increments of $300,000 for our company GREENWERKS LLC, as we complete our initial capital raise for +$190,000,000 for our expansion project.


We are closing on a middle-market deal and in the process of getting listed with the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange). We raised +$60,000,000 in bonded convertible note civil project financing in less than six months after launching.


Now, we are looking for equity partners to grow with us as we expand internationally and for more leverage, as we close out our initial capital raise round before we get listed with the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).



• Developed sense and cognition-enhancing technologies.

• Developed advanced agricultural technologies that do not interrupt the integrity of plants or nature.

• Developed advanced energy generation technologies.

• Developed advanced carbon purification technologies that do not interrupt the sky’s integrity and humanity that can be scaled on any level to purify the air in the sky.

• Discovered advanced water purification technologies that inactivated and helped dissolve harmful contaminants such as red tide, oil spills, sewage spills, and other harmful environmental contaminants.

• Developed advanced human energy building therapies and healing therapies.

• Developed anti-aging therapeutic products and processes.

• Developed natural magnetic herbal-mineral compounds that eliminate advanced infectious diseases.

• Helped sponsor legislation of Recognition of the “displaced” Sand Hill Lenape Indians who have been victims of genocide and Indian removal acts.

• Advanced energy initiatives planned on native american lands.

• Acquired company that has government solicitation certifications and recommendations.

• Acquired company that has cannabis license in oregon.

• Legislation recommendation to receive N.J. cannabis licenses for subsidiary companies.

• 1st Nation ventures planned in 5 states and two countries.

• CEO apart of the United Nations Organization for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

• Plans for advanced healing centers in the U.S., Mexico, and South America.

• Global industry expansion plans.

• Raised $63,000,000 in bonded convertible note civil project financing. Foreign credit line up approved up to $500,000,000 for civil project financing.

5 Patents Pending

You can learn more about us by visiting the website at

You can learn a little more about our companies products at (


We are looking for immediate long-term or short-term stock investors looking for a solid growth opportunity with high potential profit yields and with whom we can build long-term relations and leverage.

With the bonded funds in place and all of the highlight and comparable companies, GREENWERKS is projected to be valued at over $450,000,000 at the time of the valuation after our capital raise closes within about 60 days from now.


Our capital raise closing date is now 5/15/2022 for closing on our initial capital raise round.

Now, we are selling .5% equity portions of our company stock to investors at $300,000. We will be closing on our capital raise within 60 days. Once we are done with our closing, our company is estimated to be valued at least $450,000,000 guaranteed.


 If someone were to buy 1% of GREENWERKS LLC stock at a total of $600,000 right now, within 60 days, the $600,000 investment will be worth at least $4,500,000 after we close this funding round and receive our valuation. A $300,000 investment would be worth at least $2,225,000 investing with GREENWERKS LLC within a 60 days or sooner.


Once we receive our valuation and cross this middle-market threshold within 60 days, we will initiate quarterly private pre-public stock sales as we prepare to be listed on the Canadian securities exchange (CSE). We plan to hold our 1st private pre-public stock sale within 30 days of the close of our capital raise and valuation. The investors will receive buy-out offers after we close on our initial capital raise and before we open private pre-public stock sales within 30 days of completing our initial capital raise.


This is a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity and will go fast. Only a few slots remain. Call us now if you are interested. All business documents, proof of bonded convertible note civil project financing, pitch deck, executive summary, and other internal documents are available upon request. We also have slots open for micro investors, so feel free to ask about our micro-investment stock opportunities.


We are looking for partners asap.


If you are interested in investing or have an investment inquiry, please call us at 848-234-6946 or email us at




We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Thank you for being so interested in us.

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