Price : $250,000
Listing Type : Investment Opportunities
Status : ACTIVE
Medical or Recreational : Both
Year Built : 2014
Sale Type : Cash

Medical marijuana delivery service is seeking investor for a huge territory expansion. We are looking for operating capital to expand our services into more markets. We are currently in 4 big market regions covering over 30 cities. This businesses is already extremely profitable with gross sales over 2 million dollars a year and has a system and plan of action that will work in any market. We are seeking a $250,000 – $500,000 for 10 -15 percent of the business and net profits. This business is already doing well and its growing at a good pace. Investor must show proof of funds and sign NDA before disclosing the name and locations of the business.

Option 1 : $250,000 for 10 percent ownership of delivery business and net profits. With this option the delivery service will run exclusively under a legal city delivery license and state delivery license.

Option 2 : $500,000 for 15 percent ownership of delivery business and CITY DELIVERY LICENSE AND CALIFORNIA STATE DELIVERY LICENSE.

With option 1 : delivery business will sign a exclusive contract with a city and state delivery license holder. We currently have 2 delivery licensed holders ready to sign a exclusive contract which will allow us to solely operate under and control there local city and state license. 

With option 2 : delivery business will buy city and state license from license holder. Immediately after transferring city and state delivery license to current delivery business the business evaluation would well exceed over 5million dollars.  

With a State delivery license, we will be able to deliver anywhere within the State of California (under the current proposed permanent regulations).

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