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We are looking for a group with capital to join our team ! This is one of the best Large scale Marijuana investment opportunities in Nevada !!! This model is designed for sustainability while the majority will struggle with High cultivation costs !!! 

40 plus million annual visitors !!!!!!

Northern Nevada Marijuana Farm – Acreage & Water Rights with Cultivation and Manufacturing License

200 plus farmable acres and 400 acre feet of senior water rights

The only 750,000 sq ft of licensed greenhouse approved in Nevada.

Four Nevada State Issued Marijuana Licenses
1. Recreational Cultivation License
2. Recreational Manufacturing/Production License
3. Medical Cultivation License
4. Medical Manufacturing/Production License

Nevada does not have a specified plant count, canopy or square footage limitation or restriction for recreational marijuana cultivation space. This farm is vertically integrated with both a recreational and a medical manufacturing/production license and ready and able to implement a true large scale soil to oil cultivation and product manufacturing campus in America

Our Master Grower has helped create world known Brands ! He is a Multiple Cannabis and Emerald cup winner and is a partner on our team and holds many Cannabis cup winners !!

This JV opportunity includes 1 acre of light deprivation, computer controlled greenhouses that will turn 5 perpetual crops annually and also a 10 acre out crop that will have 10,000 plants 

This is a joint venture opportunity with an experienced group from Colorado and California combined. This project will set the pace for the industry in Nevada by creating low cost Bio Mass at a fraction of what what it’ll cost others in our marketplace.

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