This delivery has been in operation since April 2017 and delivers to the greater Orange County area. This delivery currently market’s on getnugg, weedmaps, Leafly, greenrush, instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter. We also have print media that we go and hand out on the street. If you are brand new to the cannabis industry and looking to get into the marijuana industry but want the lowest risk, easiest way to learn about the industry while still making a Great ROI then don’t look any other cannabis opportunity other than a delivery service. Owning a cannabis delivery service is almost the same as running a dispensary storefront but with much less overhead and way less headache

What comes with the Business:

  • Marketing Platforms: Weedmaps/Instagram/Getnugg/Leafbuyer/Twitter/Website
  • Leafbuyer is used for email/text blast and could be used for Loyalty programs. Currently 370 patients under Leafbuyer and 284 patients enrolled in SMS.
  • 400+ Patient List
  • $7,000 Wholesale Inventory


Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released.

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