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Are you looking to acquire Retail Cannabis property throughout the state of Michigan?

Navigating zoning requirements and municipality ordinances can be a challenge. Having the right realtor with insider information and on the ground industry experience is vital. Whomever must not only know what’s listed through MLS but what is not. They must know how to approach invisible listings and scruples sellers. The cannabis industry is partially an insider business and many sells and reassignments are back door deals. There are lots of so called cannabis realtors in this business. Do they truly know how to represent a buyer and or a seller properly in a cannabis transaction? I don’t funnel my way between transaction and list properties that I’m actually not representing the seller on and quite frankly have no real connection to the listing itself. People are in this industry grasping at straws and making themselves out to be “Cannabis Realtors”. Knowing zoning ordinances and being able to properly map buffers and set backs is the most important aspect of this industry. I specialize and focus on just one sector in this industry……. RETAIL.  

If your group is serious about retail expansion don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m very straight to the point. In any transaction that I’m involved in it will be a consulting fee separate to my and any other realtors commission. If I’m representing the seller the consulting fee will be waved. If I’m representing a seller and or you in any transaction it will be timed accordingly for closing. Those who’ve worked with me know I’m serious, straightforward and get things done.

Chris Gordon w/Great Lakes Real Estate Agency    

Cell- (269)330-9098


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