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Since March 2014, MJ Legal has been helping clients deal with the ever-changing legal climate of California’s medicinal and recreational cannabis industry. Our law practice has grown substantially over the past few years, but we remain dedicated to getting to know our clients personally, and to giving our clients the responsiveness that they deserve. We take pride in our legal craftsmanship and in our ability to effectively assist our clients in reaching their goals.

Our team at MJ Legal includes a strong research and development department that has experience with permit applications and compliance across a wide range of cities throughout the state of California. We pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach towards the industry and our skilled staff allows us to assist our clients with every facet of establishing and operating a commercial cannabis business in California. With experts in zoning as well as a diverse team of lawyers, law clerks and a broad network of industry partners, we are confident in our ability to expertly assist our clients with any and all of their legal and business needs.

Given the amount of foreseeable change in both State and Federal commercial marijuana legislation in the coming years, it will be imperative that established and prospective businesses stay abreast of the laws and regulations that go into effect in any and all areas of interest. Our staff is constantly checking the status of cities across the state and tracking any proposed changes by local legislatures as they arise. MJ Legal is firmly dedicated to helping clients navigate California’s complicated landscape of regulations and we are eager to help our clients achieve their goals of legally establishing a business in the medical and recreational cannabis industries.

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