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Price : $75,000
Listing Types : Equipment / Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Company Name : Veritas Farms
Phone : 9319808768


This is a listing for the MRX 20L XTractor system including the FIYRR ICE Chiller/heater combination system, and the FIYRR XTR-1 botanical extractor, purchased in 2015. The MRX 20L XTractor is a closed loop supercritical fluid extraction system designed for the efficient collection of botanical extracts using pressure and temperature as tunable selection criteria for the compounds of interest. This offering does not include the CP15 Air compressor (This can be replaced with a 15HP rotary screw air compressor). This system has only been lightly used with less than 100lbs of material processed and is in full working order (We initially planned on using the supercritical CO2 extraction approach but switched extraction methods).  This listing includes:

1 MRX XTR-1 20L Supercritical CO2 Extractor with PLC Control SN: 24290-(2 to 6) manufactured in 2015

1 FIYRR ICE Chiller/Heater combination system (Heater: 25 gallon tank with 38,500BHTU; Chiller: 25 gallon tank with 40,000BHTU) SN: 111615-2-7945

1 Spare Gas Pump which has been rebuilt and has 0 operational hours.

1 Spare condenser tube assembly

1 Socket tool for accessing the extraction autoclave

Replacement O-Rings


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