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Price : $59,000
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Altum Investments Inc
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o   New LE Model: Electric Pump Motor, Faster Runs, Quiet.

o   Fully Automated Process Control

o   20 Liter Capacity

o   ASME & UL Certified

·      Includes Dimplex Heater/Chiller

o   Outdoor Rated Enclosure

o   Remote Indoor Control Unit


o   Located in Trinidad, CO

·      All Units in Excellent Condition

o   Well Maintained in Clean Environment

o   PRICE REDUCED to $59,000 Each

The MRX 20LE system is built on years of continuous system validation. It’s designed to produce the highest yields without sacrificing quality. This 20-liter system is renowned in the industry for its speed and efficiency in producing full-spectrum golden concentrates. It’s the perfect entry point for commercial and craft extractors and fully automated requiring minimum interaction in supercritical or subcritical mode.

  • Full process control: Our core advantage is the tracking of temperature, pressure, and flow rate to allow for maximum daily yields and repeatability. The automated temperature/pressure correction software maintains target levels throughout the entire extraction process.
  • Operating efficiency: The 20LE system uses touch-screen control requiring minimal training and quick learning curves. MRX systems provide historical analytics for repeatability and fine-tuning your extraction parameters.
  • Maximum uptime: The recovery module enables CO2 to be recycled in the backup accumulator and storage tanks allowing for quick turnaround. In addition, our remote control system provides push notifications of any issue needing attention.
  • Fully certified: All MRX systems are ASME stamped, meaning we adhere to the highest standards of quality for pressure vessels. Our systems are also UL and CE certified, ensuring safety and compliance.


  • Specifications:
    • Touch-screen graphic controls and remote tablet support
    • Extraction vessel volume: 20-liters (6-9 pounds per run)
    • Runtime: 3-5 hours (highly dependent on biomass quality)
    • Optimum pressure of 1,800 PSI
    • Dual-phase pumping (liquid and gas) for superior performance and yield
    • Power:
      • Extractor: 230v/3-phase/60Hz
      • Heater/Chiller 480v/3-phase/60Hz
    • Dimensions: 65”L x 33”W x 86”H (1100 lbs)
    • Space required: 1,000 square feet depending on configuration
    • Included: Dimplex 76,150 BTU/hr chiller/heater combo
    • Supplies needed: six CO2 tanks, propylene glycol, ethanol, distilled water
    • Maintenance: per run vessel vacuum, daily wipe down, once/week dry run
    • Certifications: ASME vessels, UL 508, CE and CRN models available, Made in the USA


VK 200 Distillation System
The VTA VK 200 is made for industrial-scale hemp processing facilities, with a throughput capability of  40,000 mL/h.
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