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Hello! We are currently looking for  investors to join us in creating one of the most compelling brands in Mississippi. We are a multi state cannabis company that has existing operations in Colorado and Oklahoma, and will soon have operations in Mississippi, Illinois, and Connecticut. We have been in the cannabis industry since 2009 and have created a brand and SOPS that is profitable in even the most saturated markets. We have a team behind us with over 40 years of cannabis experience including award winning cultivators and genetics.

We plan on creating an experience that will be unmatched by the competition. With our companies experience in both cultivation and Retail, we understand the importance of being vertical from the start to ensure our patients get the best product possible. Without a signed NDA, I cant go into too many details on here, but our goal is to very quickly separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We will be creating a cultivation and dispensary in the Jackson Proper area, and expanding stores across key cities in Mississippi. With our business plan deployed, we are conservatively projecting a 3.2x ROI and 37% IRR over 3.75 years for our investors.

We are looking for Mississippi Residents that want to invest in the new Mississippi cannabis industry. We are seeking $4,000,000 for a total of 40% preferred shares of our company, with a minimum investment of $200,000 for person or entity. This is a schedule 506C offering with the SEC so this will require all investors to be accredited investors. There are several ways to be considered an accredited investor such as having a net worth over $1M not including your primary residence, or having an Income of over $200,000 single or $300,000 married for the last 2 years. There are other ways as well but these 2 are the most common. The preferred shareholders have a tremendous payback schedule as we will distribute 100% of the profits to preferred shareholders until their initial investment has been recouped. We must sell at least 35% of our company to Mississippi residents and are able to sell 5% to out of state investors. In order to be eligible to invest with us, you will need to meet the criteria below unless you are an out of state resident:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Has not previously held a license for a cannabis establishment that has been revoked
  • Not convicted of a disqualifying felony offense
  • If possessing a professional or occupational license it must be in good standing
  • Submit a sworn statement that they are the actual owner of the entity
  • No tax delinquencies for Mississippi
  • Can not be a member or spouse of a member of the Mississippi Senate or House of Representatives
  • If applying on behalf of an entity the above rules apply for all members (10b)
  • Resident of Mississippi and USA since December 2019.
  • Not currently an owner of a cannabis cultivation facility in Mississippi.
  • Considered an accredited investor
  • Has liquid capital of at least $200,000 to invest and can show Proof of funds

We have the companies registered, PPM, Financial Projections, Business Plan, and Pitch deck all finalized and ready to be deployed. Our executives will be holding a presentation and meet and greet in Flowood, Mississippi On December 8th, 2022. We will present our pitch deck along with discussing the new Mississippi market, future of cannabis, and our exact plan to ensure a successful deployment of capital. After the presentation, we will have standard drinks along with wine and beer available for all participants. If you would like to participate in this presentation, please reach out to us so we can further discuss our goals and plans, and see if this is a good fit for all of us. Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you!

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