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Price : $540,000
Listing Type : Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Company Name : Point3 Farma LLC
Phone : 719-733-3921

Mydax CryoDax 120 low temperature liquid chiller/heater – Qty 4, fluid range from -70°C to +80° C w/stainless steel reservoir of 45 gallons.  Main features:

• Refrigeration Four 30 Hp semi-hermetically sealed, two-stage compressors in a parallel configuration, R-507 refrigerant.

• Condenser Brazed plate heat exchanger with a refrigerant pressure actuated water flow control valve to automatically adjust flow.

• Recirculation 3.0 Hp SS seal-less canned-motor centrifugal pump, turbine fluid flowmeter in recirculating return, output flow adjust valve, copper piping.

Picture is representative for posting purposes.

Price is for all 4 units.  These are brand new and will ship direct from Manufacturer to your facility.

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