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Price : $100,000
Listing Types : Equipment / Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing
Company Name : North Slope Brands
Phone : 7073543356

Continuous Feed Single Stage Thin Film Pope 6” Evaporator (.21 sq meters). American made, parts in 24 hours.

All stainless parts, no glass. Prevents breakage and allows faster heat transfer, faster feed rates. 100% Swagelok plumbing.

Electric trace heating.

Jacketed for accurate temperature control and higher feed rates.

12Kw heating unit. American made for faster service.

3 VFD gear pumps (Feed, Distillate, and Waste). Never change flasks, run continuous except to clean.

Still, VFD drives, and controllers all skid mounted.

80L jacketed feed vessel with hot water circulator

2 vacuum systems (First pass and UHV). Allows for lower ultimate vacuum.

Vacuum sensors (x4) – Evaporator, Pre-trap, post trap, one unused.

First pass vacuum system with Soge pump.

UHV Vacuum system with water cooled diffusion pump and Edwards E2M28 backing pump. Capable of 1×10-6 Torr.

Custom high-volume dry ice trapping system. Runs 24-48 hours without adding ice or emptying.

System is nearly new (20-30hrs run time).

Designed to run mostly unattended. Needs to be checked on every 4-5 hours.

Estimated cleaning schedule is every 48 hours of continuous run time depending on quality of crude. Entirely CIP. No disassembly needed.

Feed rate is 15 L/hr on first cut. Approximately 6-8L/hr distillation pass depending on desired results and feed stock.

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