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40% Discounts Off Retail Prices on New LED Grow Lights Available For Sale, Trade or Joint Venture !

Our company partners with large horticulture construction companies that have overstocks of High Quality Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights.

We have several brands and models to choose from that can fit various applications such as indoor high intensity, vertical farming, 1:1 HPS conversion to LED, and supplemental greenhouse.

We can offer prices more than 40% off the retail prices for the same fixtures.

We can offer financing for qualified clients of up to 6 months to take advantage of harvest profits to cover capital startup. We are open to JV partnerships in which we would provide the LED lighting for a % of the grow.

We offer 50% COD off the first trial fixture for your tests to make sure you are comfortable with our quality and support.

We provide a no questions asked replacement policy if for any reason the fixtures have any faults in the first 6 months, and heavily reduced pricing on brand new replacement fixtures for any faults or defects up to 1 year from date of purchase.

We also offer installations and managed grow consulting and support from our in-house Master Grower. We have a service that can pro-actively monitor grow room metrics and climate benchmarks and provide alerts if any factors fall out of desired ranges.

We currently have over 800 units in stock available to ship out immediately. We can be very aggressive pricing volume discount orders.

We can also help you establish your own brand of fixtures with cardboard box printing of your logo, laser engraving logos on fixture chassis and customization of build to your desired specs.

We also have access to any and all other hardware required to operate a successful horticulture business.

Don’t get ripped off by Hydro Stores or big brands that charge triple or more than their costs!

We have many licensed growers that we can provide as references that use our various fixtures.

Contact me for a full list of our current stocks and prices. We accept resellers if you have your own network to service.



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