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1100.00 each

NextLight Mega LED Grow Light Quick Summary
Full-spectrum white light that mimics sunlight—give your plants what they crave
2.15 PPF/w: most efficient full-spectrum LED period—more intense light, lower power use (total PPF is 1400)
Consumes 650w but is equivalent to DE 1000w HPS—over 35% less electricity
100,000 hour rated lifespan—15+ years of no bulb changes
L90 Rating of 40,000 hrs—one of the only manufacturers with this rating, meaning the light retains 90% of its output after 40,000 hours of use
Minimal heat and runs silent—forget loud fans and air-conditioners (and the cost to run them)
5′ by 5′ footprint for flower; 7′ by 7′ for veg—with a much more even distribution throughout that coverage area
Dimming capability—all Megas now outfitted with RJ12 com port and 0-10V DIM to OFF Drivers; actual dimmer is sold separately; add dimmer to your order by selecting above (or use your own-compatible with most 0-10V controllers)
Full 5 year warranty; designed and manufactured in the US—risk-free purchase
UL certified for damp and dry conditions—works even in a greenhouse

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