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Price : $3,200,000.00
Status : ACTIVE
Power (AMPS) : 1000
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis, Hemp
License Type : Recreational, Medical, Medical & Recreational
Company Name : United Country Colorado Brokers, Inc.
Phone : 970-872-3322

Blackwell, Oklahoma Commercial Marijuana Facility for Sale

Located in an industrial complex just outside of downtown Blackwell, Oklahoma, this commercial marijuana facility for sale has substantial assets & production capability for the marijuana investor. Built as a full grow facility, the current ownership has also brought in the equipment to produce top quality THC distillates and concentrates in the main warehouse space. Aside from the main warehouse area, there is a large front office, meeting room, executive quarters, and multiple bathrooms throughout the facility. 700-amp and 1000-amp power is currently run to the building, with 3-phase power currently being brought to the facility. Electrical wiring has been run throughout the facility to grow rooms, ventilation systems, and greenhouses. City commercial water is on-site, providing substantial water resources for the grow operation. A total of five (5) outdoor greenhouses with dimensions of 24xXXXX provide enough square footage to grow up to 250 large plants per greenhouse. Additional grow rooms inside the facility encompass over 15,000 square feet, giving the entire operation the capability to produce large quantities of smokable or distillable biomass.

The location provides a secure commercial storefront with grow rooms, green houses, and versatile warehouse space currently utilized for distillate and concentrate processing. The facility is a turn-key facility for popping seedlings/clones, growing, cultivating, drying, and or extracting material for different markets. The current ownership provides high quality smokable, concentrate, and distillate products to the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma. With new legislature being passed in September of 2021, medical marijuana licenses in Oklahoma will become increasingly difficult to acquire. The new licensing will be run on a lottery system, meaning not all applicants will be successful. Acquisition of a license prior to this date should enable the owner to be grandfathered in with the current property use for the license, and not have to face these challenges.

Located in a priority commercial area, the industrial complex sees quick response times for any matters with the Fire Department, Police Department, and utilities providers.

The current ownership possesses the equipment necessary for the BHO/live resin, concentrate, and distillate production for the medical marijuana industry. This equipment is not currently offered for sale, however may be negotiated.

Current property assets include:

• 4 indoor grow rooms

Building is two stories, with some grow rooms on second levels.

• Drying room

• Vegetation room

• 10,000 – 13,000 square feet indoors

• 5 greenhouses – X dimensions / square feet

• Two stories

• Two livable mobile homes on site

• Railroad access – for Hemp/CBD/Marijuana processing biomass delivery

• 900 amp power / 700 amp power

• Natural Gas on site

• Completely fenced

• 3 minute response time – Fire Department / 1 minute Police response time

• Commercial loading dock

• Hard line electrical throughout

• Fully functioning grow rooms with sufficient commercial lighting & high quality ventilation

• Marijuana Grow License Included

High Quality Grow Lights and Ventilation Systems 

The four grow rooms have been properly insulated, and outfitted with high quality grow equipment. Commercial grow lights, commercial ventilation systems, and hard wired electrical throughout make the property set up and very versatile for new ownership to expand the production numbers at the facility.

Current usage utilizes the veg/cloning grow rooms, multiple grow rooms to produce biomass, and the outdoor greenhouses to produce upwards of 250 plants per greenhouse per rotation. Typically, the current ownership realizes a .75/lb yield per plant, generating approximately 937 pounds of product per grow cycle from the greenhouses alone.

Blackwell, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Production & Local Climate

The local political climate for Blackwell, Oklahoma toward medical marijuana production can be seen as positive for growers. As Oklahoma as seen a surge in activity, the local atmosphere has proven its name around the state as one of the more friendly environments for growers and extractors in the hemp and medical marijuana industry.

With the upcoming legislation will make acquisition of a medical marijuana license more stringent, buyer activity for medical marijuana facilities has seen a significant surge.

Medical Marijuana Property and Hemp Property Specialists, Jake Hubbell, Spencer Jordan, Gary Hubbell, and Johnny Shaw of United Country Real Estate 

Entering the hemp and cannabis industry in 2018 by growing over 55 acres of high-quality Colorado grown hemp, Jake and Gary Hubbell have found significant success brokering and transacting ranches for hemp cultivation and commercial facilities for extraction purposes. With boots on the ground experience in the intricacies of the cannabis market, Jake and Gary Hubbell can assist in identifying real estate assets ideal for the cannabis industry. For additional questions and information, please contact:

Jake Hubbell – or 970-250-9396

Spencer Jordan – or 203-962-3683

Gary Hubbell – or 970-872-3322

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