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For sale; currently licensed by the OLCC, just need lights. Was previously running 70 LED lights in the flower room. 

Tier 1 indoor, currently have 1400 sq.ft. mature canopy CURRENTLY LICENSED.
60×40 pole barn with 2 levels for growing.
320amp single phase service with 2x 200 amp panels downstairs and 2x 90 amp panels upstairs. 
22 camera OLCC compliant surveillance system and alarm system. 
2000 and 1500 gallon water tanks, ~30,000 gallon pond/water reservoir to collect rainwater from building, several pools for storing water.
2x 20″ big blue filters and UV disinfection system for incoming water.
4000lb forklift.

Downstairs flower room has: 
– Radiant floor cooling with 2x 3 ton heat pumps tied to a geothermal ground loop. 3x 4 ton ground loops (2 tied to the 3 ton heat pumps, 1 not used). 
-1x surna 300ppd dehumidifier, 1x quest 175ppd dehu, and 1x 3 ton Daiken mini split. 
-8x 18″ shutter mount 2500cfm exhaust fans. 
– 2x 300 gallon totes with pump and irrigation controller. Each bench has ~70 spot spitters for watering plants.
– 3x 5.5′ x 36′ and 2x 6′ x 36′ conley rolling benches. 
– Floor is sloped and has drainage to carry runoff outside.

Upstairs has: 
– 2x 18″ shutter mount 2500 CFM exhaust fans. 
– Several 4×8 flood trays on tables with wheels.
– 1x 300 gallon tote and pump for watering upstairs.
– Misc plumbing to using drip system to water plants.

– $250k
– Email with any questions. 

Lease is negotiable, with option to buy the land if interested (several acres near Redland Rd.)

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