Posted on February 21, 2023 / 17Listing ID: 527152APPLY FOR A BUSINESS LOAN
Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $700,000
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
License Type : Medical & Recreational
Sale Type : Cash, Owner Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Tamerans Dispensary

Our business has been open since 2016. Located in Southern Oregon where it’s beautiful~ Located in Grants Pass. Strong customer base. We want to expand but it’s too expensive to expand in Oregon since the portal is closed and you can only expand by buying existing licenses which is more expensive. We are considering selling the one location in Oregon to relocate to a state whose application portal is open for easier and faster expansion options. We also started a franchise dispensary business but with the need to open more company units, we are at a stand still currently in the Oregon market.

We would consider selling the Oregon location as a franchise unit or not. 

We would consider working with someone on the franchise and the Oregon location in return for an investment towards opening more company units. 

We would consider expanding with a partner in another state and bringing them into the Oregon location and franchise business. 

The deal would be based on a number of factors which would reflect the interested parties desires. 

The owner of this location has been in the industry for over a decade and is currently listed as a compliance consultant with a cannabis specialty bank for their cannabis account audits. She has a perfect compliance track record for over 10 years on multiple operations, has developed custom software for the franchise in order to streamline operations within the units, and has a strong background in community commitment and ethics in order to help elevate the industry. 

We have an amazing close knit long term team whose excited for more growth. 

Grow Facility / Real Estate – Wanette, OK
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Cannabis & Hemp Banking
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