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Orange Photonics (OP) Portable LightLab Legacy Cannabis Analyzer

Recently updated by OP to the latest firmware/software!

6 major cannabinoids: Δ9THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBGA

(Total Potential Δ9THC calculated using the equation: Total Potential Δ9THC= 0.877*THCA + Δ9THC; Total THC: the sum of THCA + Δ9THC)

Very easy to operate, get started quickly, outstanding support from OP!  You have the capability to test THC and other cannabinoid content of your own flower samples; you can screen and monitor your sample cannabinoid levels in comparison to your independent testing lab.

December 2020 Calibration Service and firmware/software update by Orange Photonics:

Version 1.4.078 installed

(upgraded from original 2019 Version 1.4.040;

most recent Tech Tips and User Manual also included as provided December 2020 from OP)­­


Includes Hemp Compliance Module option (THC measurements down to 0.03%); Terpenes+ module option is available for purchase from OP to quickly add even more capability to your LightLab!

Essentially brand new; very lightly used in October 2019 and for a few injections following recent routine calibration to verify operation upon return; we have HPLC in house and purchased LightLab with intent to pursue onsite field testing – but no time to dedicate to field service to date.

Will include flower test kits/consumables from original purchase;

consumables for flower/plant/concentrates are available direct from OP:

Legacy Consumables Archives – Orange Photonics

Priced to give you an affordable option to get started testing asap at $8000, includes shipping.


OP link:


Short informative video from OP:


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