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Price : $1,750,000
Listing Type : Cultivation/ Production
Status : ACTIVE
Lot Size (Acres) : 40
Power (AMPS) : 400
Medical or Recreational : Recreational
Year Built : 1930
Sale Type : Cash, Owner Financing
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Gas, Trash
Phone : 541-965-1066

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Oregon just limited production in the State and will not be handing out new licenses. Acquisition of currently active licenses is the easiest and probably ‘only’ way to enter the industry now.

Currently active OLCC Tier 2 outdoor producer with Property! PLUS a Wholesale and Processor license!

Ready for the outdoor season.

You can work AND live on this Cannabis farm.

Great place to park your labor, or even for yourself.

Zoned EFU with grandfathered residential buildings on-site.

Beautiful Wasco County, which is very friendly to Cannabis and Hemp biz. 

                    = = = = = LICENSED PREMISES INFO = = = = =

  • Situated on a 40-acre property. Room to expand!
  • High altitude of 2,168 ft.
  • Big, Bright Sun all season long. Great for resin production. 
  • Cool breeze from Mt. Hood cools the air in summer.
  • Based on the previous 2 seasons, no cross-pollination. Property is upwind.
  • Water rights included for half the property (for the massive irrigation ditch, serviced and filled by local govt. irrigation company from May to about October depending on weather and drought).
  • If even more water is needed, the nearby town sells potable water – Bring-your-own-container. 
  • You can even install another well (besides the current residential well).
  • Licensed Premises is HUGE at 168,000 sq/ft
  • Canopy Total – 39,913 sq/ft      
    • outdoor canopy- 38,318 sq/ft    
    • greenhouse canopy- 1,595 sq/ft 
  • 7’ wide growing lanes with 14’ between for vehicle access. 
  • Growing lanes were amended in the spring of 2017 with organic, veganic material to boost production.
  • Currently, the farm operates on a “living soil” concept. No chemicals were ever used. 
  • Outdoor lanes can be set up as drip or hand water. (irrigation system installed). Ready for automation, just needs to be set up with a timer and an auto-flow valve.
  • Greenhouse – 2,880 sq/ft total area (canopy of 1,595 sq.ft)
    • 2x 2,500 gallon water holding tanks
    • 2x 400 gallon mixing/brewing tanks
    • Blackout system 
    • Full ventilation and cooling system
    • Propane heated
    • 4 large beds installed (orchard compost/native soil mix)
    • Large Guerilla Tent included. (for clones/mothers)
  • Insulated Shed – 1,000 sq/ft (currently used for drying, trimming, packaging)
  • Storage Conex container – 40’ long and refrigerated with freezer unit. 
  • Portable outdoor toilet included. (local contractor services monthly)
  • Unused, but recently purchased 2,000 sq/ft shed just outside the licensed premises. The fence can be extended slightly to include this shed into the licensed premises.
  • Full and operational security and alarm system included.
  • Entire premises enclosed with an 8’ tall plywood fence for maximum privacy.
  • Electricity availability – 400 AMPs for licensed premises (another 400 AMPs for residential)
  • The entire property is on a slight slope, so water accumulation, flooding is never an issue. 
  • Very remote, isolated for privacy with daily Mail, UPS, FedEx delivery. Roads cleaned in winter.
  • Typical yield around 2,000lbs dry usable product per year on this farm, depending on the season.
  • All OLCC inspections passed with zero violations. 1st inspection during start-up. 2nd inspection during the harvest of 2017. 

                    = = = = = PROPERTY INCLUDED! = = = = =

  • 40 acre property includes a residential complex.
  • Main House – 1,970 sq/ft Residential, propane/electricity utility installed, fireplace included.
  • Cabin #1 – 240 sq/ft Residential “off-grid” solar panel powered, propane heated.
  • Cabin #2 – 500 sq/ft Residential, propane/electricity utilities installed. 
  • Septic system connecting both of the above sheds and house.
  • The property also includes:
    • Tool shed/garage (can fit 1 car or tractor)
    • Hay storage shed
    • Horse stable (owner uses it for storage)
    • Firewood storage shed
    • 2x abandoned “old school dilapidated country sheds” (for aesthetics)


  • Well-house feeds the two residential sheds and the main house.
  • Well-house also has dry-run protection and sediment filter and is heated!
  • Well water tested twice and shown to be pure drinking water. 
  • 2018 property taxes only $1,977. 

                    = = = = = PURCHASE  TERMS = = = = =

  • Listed price: $1,750,000
  • License, Premises, and Property all sold together as a bundle, not separate. 
  • The owner is about to receive a processor and wholesale license for this premises, and those are included as well.
  • All assets and infrastructure included, minus inventory. 

                    Listed Price:   $1,750,000.


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