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Price : $395,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 3000
Lot Size (Acres) : 4.5
Power (AMPS) : 200
License Type : Medical
Utilities : Water, Electricity
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Biofarm Oakland
Phone : 404-444-7121

The ‘Biofarm™’ is an integrated soilless greenhouse growing facility on 4.5 acres in the Willamette Valley of Central Oregon.

The greenhouse grow systems, aka Biogarden® modules, were designed by Bioponica™ of Atlanta, GA. These patented modules utilize a novel approach to soilless hydroponics growing; designed for durability and sustainability. Liquid fertilizer for organic plant and fish raising is also prepared onsite from inexpensive biomasses utilizing innovative ‘nutricycling’ extraction method that accelerates composting in water via anaerobic digestion, biofiltration plus vortex aeration and earthworm rhizobacterial infusions.  

Within the high tunnel 3000 SF greenhouse facility are a total of 1140 SF of ‘Biogarden’ grow beds. These are comprised of 540 SF aggregate media beds with tanks below and 600 SF of deep water raft culture beds with tanks outdoors and underground.

Recirulating water flow is controlled by central and local automatic pumps that may be adjusted to flood and drain or ebb and flow as frequently as desired.

Tables and tanks are designed to only require infrequent nutrient and water top-off or operational supervision.

Aggregate beds comprise 18x 30SF troughs in 20’ sets of two with two tanks below or 9x  60SF/grow modules. Tanks below each pair of 30’ beds are 220 gallons each. There are 3520 total gallons of tanks below the total area of 540 SF grow beds. These tanks may be used to store nutrient water mix or to raise fish in classic aquaponics soilless growing method.

Aggregate beds are suitable for growing all varieties of plants including hemp, cannabis, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, basil, herbs, flowers, vines, water plants or even cacti. Best use for aggregate beds are larger, long term, heavy feeding, deep rooted annual and perennial plants.

In deep water troughs, mechanical aeration is not required as deep water raft culture beds are aerated through Air Layer Technique™ of ebb and flow below with air layer created below suspended plant rafts.  

At one end of each deep water trough and each fish/nutrient tank there are Bucket Vortex units that pull water from one end and move to other with purpose of creating river-like energetic forces to purify and mix water and nutrients. Structured water adds characteristic to water that supports plant and fish nutrient absorption.

There are 4 underground storage tanks, 1100 gallons each, outside greenhouse and underground. These are integrated with each grow table and controlled by pumps and automatic timers, plus valves at each table. Tanks contain either concentrated nutrients, well water or a mixture of both. The nutrient and well water tanks are plumbed to each 20’ (aggregate beds with tanks) Biogarden module. They are also plumbed to the additional two tanks to provide a plant ready solution serving the 40’ deep water culture Biogarden modules for gravity return ebb and flow cycles.

The Nutricycler™ consists of 6x 240 gallon anaerobic fertilizer extraction tanks plus a biofiltration system for converting liquid extracts from dry nutrient blends. Dry blends are mixtures of organic biomasses that provide specific ratios of NPK and trace minerals plus other plant beneficial nutrients, humates, microbes and hormones. They provide a business opportunity to the site owner should they choose to sell the liquid organic fertilizer to area growers (in ground or soilless farmers). The liquid fertilizer is conveyed to the underground nutrient storage tank for distribution inside the greenhouse. It is also conveyed to a spigot for filling containers or small tankers.

The liquid fertilizer made in the manner, is a superior plant fertilizer suitable for growing all varieties of plants. It is also ideal for feeding fish within the tank either through direct feed (filter feeders and suspension feeders) or when producing duckweed or algae and zooplankton in deep water troughs. The potential yield of liquid fertilizer is approximately 3000 gallons/month. Nutrients value of dry biomass is captured entirely within the liquid extract or in the ‘spent’ solids which are used for soil amendments or worm castings. Sale of liquid is profitable at $3.00 per gallon. Quality is competitive with organic nutrients sold in wholesale bulk volume or if in smaller containers to hydroponic supplies’ retailers. Bioponica makes its biomass blends (Primordial Soup™ Dry Mixes) and distribution rights available to site owner. When used in the greenhouse the GreenUp™ blend extract is typically diluted 1:8 to provide a nitrogen of 150-175PPM.

The Biofarm is owned by a Bioponica founder and partner, who acquired it from a customer following the completion of the design. The intention of the acquisition was to showcase the facility for Bioponica optimize system performance.

The present business conducted at the site is hemp seedling and clone production plus high CBD hemp for flower production. The side is capable of supporting cloning within deep water in a capacity of 600 SF with trays that support jiffy cubes at a quantity of 100 clones or seedlings per SF. The Biofarm has customers for the 2019 spring season that will purchase all seedlings and clones produced at a rate between 2.50-4.00/each. Within the aggregate beds, seedlings and clones are grown to full size in area of 540 SF plus aisle space between beds, making up another potential 250 SF for wider flower canopy.

Seedlings and clones are from mother of local grower that have established and documented genetics of 13-16% CBD with very low THC (less that 0.6% 30 days prior to harvest). The Biofarm sale includes a hemp production license for 2019. There are 2+ acres of farmable land that may be used for hemp crops, housing or other features.

There are a total of 4.5 acres of land with flat fertile soil. There is a well on site and additional water source from shallow spring with pH of 6.5 and EC of 2.0., ideal for growing hemp and most plants without need for reverse osmosis. A storage pool holding 12,000 gallons of this water is maintained on site through the summer months. Additional winter water collection could be had by way of pond or additional above ground storage for field grown hemp and produce.

Zoning – Farm/Residential
Good road and parking
Close proximity to I5 – ideal for product delivery and tour access
200A power
Insulated double wall greenhouse polypropylene
Land Value Estimate 165K
Greenhouse and Farm Business Value 250-450K
Asking Price: 395K

Revenue Opportunity

·         CBD hemp, clones, seedlings, flower – with license and customers in hand

·         Organic liquid fertilizer production and sale opportunity

·         Lettuce, tomatoes, fish, herbs, earthworms, soil amendments

·         Dry mass nutrients sale Primordial Soup– organic certification for biomass pending

·         Greenhouse tours – aquaponics, bioponics, hemp hydroponics workshops (Bioponica partner will support with training).

Sustainability Features and Benefits:

·         No waste discharged – all nutrients recycled to valuable biproduct

·         No soil care required and now aggregate replacement– minimal labor

·         Water replacement in beds/tanks not necessary when using organic nutrients and low sodium water supply

·         Automated water and nutrient top-off in beds and tanks

·         Easy, low cost, onsite nutrient production.

·         Evaporative cooling, propane heating.

·         Minimal water use with entirely recirculating Biogarden tables

·         No manufactured fish feed or plant feed required.

·         Biogarden tables include framing structure that can be used for shading, humidity control enclosure and LED or HPS light fixture mounting.

·         Fish optional

·         Supports conventional chem hydro, aquaponics or all organic hydroponic / bioponics

·         Current owner and developer of systems will train and support operation and system service









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