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Mountaintop Cannabis Cultivators LLC
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TOWN APPROVED by ZBA SPECIAL PERMIT GRANTED for a TIER 11 OUTDOOR CULTIVATION. ZBA requirements for applying for a ME must include the following: Site Plan, Operating Agreement, Security Plan (also approved by Chief of police), Water Management plan,  Nuisance abatement plan (noise, light, traffic), Odor Mitigation if necessary & Waste Management.  Town officials deemed the site acceptable to host a Tier 11 (100,000) Outdoor cannabis cultivation facility.

Host community agreement in place with town, fee reduced to 1% after second year of operation which is a favorable reduction from 3% the first two years.

Architectural renderings completed and approved by Conservation Commission. Survey/Engineering Marker points have been placed in close proximity to the site. The site is within proximity to wetlands. Relevant wetlands have had the borders delineated, and the site falls just outside of the pertinent borders required setbacks. Con Comm has approved a replacement of the existing culvert to upgrade to a H-20 rated culvert.

We believe the Town’s topography and location in the create unique and preferable conditions to produce high quality cannabis. The rural location provides appropriate separation from highly populated areas. Which along with the higher altitude create an ideal location, that help minimizing the chance of pollutants entering into the product.  Our plans include using the existing conditions and topography of the site to minimize our disruption of the site. Mountaintop Cannabis Cultivators utilizes farming values that are based off traditional environmentally friendly techniques, using onsite composting and soil creation to develop nutrient rich growing medium. Where there is an increasing demand for a more natural, “sun grown” product in the industry. Mountaintop Cannabis Cultivators will fulfill that need. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of indoor growing facilities, and are choosing products with less impact. We believe our values and ethics match those of the emerging needs of the industry and of our host community. We plan to and look forward to working closely with town’s officials and residents to help develop a symbiotic relationship, while operating safely within the confines of the law.  Mountaintop Cannabis Cultivators LLC. tax contribution will also have a positive impact to the community. 
With the opportunity to cultivate 100,000 sq ft of canopy we believe we can propagate 8000 plants in our designated area. In these conditions we expect to generate approximately 3/4 of a pound per plant. Depending on market trends, the type of product we produce, and percentage of the crop that we send out as biomass, we could easily reach revenues upwards of $7 million possibly more.  As an independently owned company we have the flexibility to disperse our product through out multiple retail outlets and manufacturers.

We are looking for a business partner or a retail operation who is looking to produce their own sun grown cannabis. This is a very unique opportunity. All current progress, including approvals have been made under our company name. Permits and HCA ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE… We would also be interested in a working relationship, or joint venture…

Turnkey Processing Facility for Sale

64050 East 290 Road, Grove, OK, USA

Manufacturing / Processing

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