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Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : Inquire for Price
Status : WANTED
Cap Rate : 92812
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis
License Type : Recreational, Medical & Recreational
City Tax Rate : Palm Springs
Year Built : 2021
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Palm Springs Cannabis Project and Real Estate JV/Equity/Income Investment


Downtown Investment Opportunity…




Have you been looking for or waiting for…an opportunity to invest in a Real Estate Property… that is in the prime location in downtown Palm Springs…near to hundreds of acres of new Cannabis Farms.


On the main tourist Drive near the Casinos and the new Resort Hotels…


If yes…we should talk.


A property that is making money and successful and profitable…

That is ready for a transition with new Partners…Investors…

For an equity Share and/or Joint Venture…is available…or refinancing…


This Property seeks local Investors!

Or Investors who know the Palm Springs market and values and…

Well…that this location is in HIGH demand and as popular as ever…



$5.5 million…


5% to 7% Return for a long successful and money making term.


With an Equity Interest AND long term income from the 

Leaseholds income AND income from the businesses on the Property.


This would make the total returns more than the 5% to 7% Rate on the Investment.


(This Property is not for the high rate hard money folks…no.)

(This Property is for the great returns and rates for the conservative investors…yes)


Everything is negotiable…but the Property will increase the success and income
with some renovations and some new best use Leaseholds… that will increase the
income from $1 million annually to $1.5 million annually.


You will receive your monthly income from this increased revenue that this investment will make.

Fully entitled and vested ownership and partnership income.


The City is ready to issue some specialty licenses for business at this Property
and the best use will also increase the value of the entire Property…and Business Income.


There is an opportunity to also be a part of that increased equity along with the 
income from the Leaseholds and well…


Let’s talk and…

We will show you everything needed to present the Project…for consideration.

And you will show everything needed to be a part of this Property…as an Investor.


My name is Paul


We all know there are many folks who respond and are not real Investors.

So to maintain privacy…and safety…we would invite you to send an email.

We will respond and/or call you at any contact number you prefer…

And we will start the conversation.


We are a fully licensed and local Real Estate Brokerage…

So you know you will be talking to the real Listing Agency for this Project.


The credentials of the current Partners on the Property are fully qualified and in good standing…as is also the Property.

We invite and protect payments to Brokers and Agents, who represent Investors, to inquire on behalf of their Clients.


Thanks for the time and…

Good health to everyone.




Downtown Investment Opportunity…



Market Leading Colorado MIP – Extremely Profitable, Well Run, All Process & Procedures, Semi-Absentee – $824,833 EBITDA!
This established business is a Cannabis Concentrates Manufacturer and Wholesaler producing and distributing the highest-quality concentrate products for the medical and recreational markets in Colorado. Despite the recent softness in the Medical segment the business continues to grow the bottom line. Trailing 12 month EBITDA is $824,833! VIEW LISTING
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