Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $400,000
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing, Joint Venture
Company Name : Ophira Processing, LLC
Phone : 4802000357

Make us an offer on all or any of the equipment below. It is used but in excellent condition and comes with piping to connect each piece of equipment for ease of use. Every ancillary part, manuals and training included.

Pinnacle AES (Alcohol Extraction Skid) – $135,000 obo (originally $160,000)


  • (2) Pinnacle Stainless 100L Dimple – Jacketed/Cryogenic Insulated Reactors
  • (1) Pinnacle Stainless Custom Process Skid w/ Pharma Casters
  • (1) Pinnacle Stainless 200 Gallon Clean Supply Tank
  • (1) Pinnacle Stainless 90 Gallon Saturated Holding Tank
  • (1) Complete System Gasket & Clamp
  • (2) Liquid Transfer Pumps Custom To Pinnacle Specs
  • (2) #150 Pump Flanges w/ 1.5″ Tri-Clamps
  • (2) C1D1 Electric Motors For Transfer attached to Skid
  • (1) 200 gallon Clean Supply Tank
  • (1) 90 gallon Saturated Holding Tank
  • Dozens of biomass bags

** Julabu FP-90 Chiller – $30,000 obo (originally $38,000)**

Pinnacle Filter Skid (Non-heat) with attached Summit Pig Filter and piping – $15,000 (originally $15,000 without the upgrades seen below)


*Filter skid with custom piping that connects to a Summit Pig Filter ($7100 new).

NSEP Centrifuge (C1D1 Rated) – $47,000 obo (originally $59,000)


*Explosion Proof Design
*Separates Biomass from Residual Solvent
*Designed for Long Usage with Minimal Maintenance

Pinnacle SRS (Solvent Recovery System) – $190,000 (originally $240,000)


*Pinnacle Stainless Solvent-Recovery Skid
*100L Per Hour Output of Alcohol Recovery
*Continuous Feed
*Steam Generator + Install Included Including
*Travel Expenses
*Condensate Return System
*Blow down Tank
*Soft water system
*25KW Chiller
*Turn-Key System!

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