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Hemp Robotics has engineered a high-performance multi-use hemp transplanting machine which is both simple and versatile. 
Our unique design will mound your soil, apply the drip-tape and mulch fabric while punching holes in the fabric and soil at the same time. Our hole-punch water wheels will apply a shot of water and double as a vitamin/nutrient (“Boone’s Brew”) applicator. This will allow you time to hook-up your irrigation. Our Planters can seat multiple laborers planting up to 3,000 plants in 3 rows per hour, using our most common 3 row planter. (2 to 6 row planters available.) Our machine can be used on plastic mulch beds, uncovered plant beds and bare flat ground. 
Since there are many options on how you might like this machine to preform, we allow you the convenience of specifying the size, scale, and your choice of a multitude of performance enhancing options. Therefore, we can tailor the planter to meet your farms planting requirements from 2 row up to 6 rows at a time. 
While this heavy-duty steel, 3-pt multi-purpose tractor attachment was designed with hemp transplanting in mind, it can be used for planting any number of seedling types i.e. tomatoes, corn, mint, or etc.… 
Unlike our competitors machines our application is done in One Single Pass, saving over-all costs in diesel fuel and labor by up to a quarter. Our competitors machines take up to 4 passes to apply the plant starts.  
Our transplanting machine will drastically reduce the cost of labor while simultaneously decreasing the time it takes to get your plants in the ground. This allows for a faster turnover and a longer season, consequently resulting in larger plants and bigger yields 

(3 Row Planter) Size: 8’T x 8’L x 15.5’W 
3-pt Tractor Attachment 
Includes: Shelving to hold plant tray’s – Tank for water and nutrients 
Can seat multiple laborers – Plants 3,000 plants in 3 rows per hour 
**Specifications change with 2 to 6 row application planter **

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