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Pope Scientific Wiped-Film Stills (WFS) and Wiped-Film Evaporators (WFE) successfully separate volatile from less volatile components for Oils, Fats, Chemicals, Polymers, Nutraceuticals, Fragrances, etc., with a gentle process utilizing the thin-film wiping action of feed liquid through a heated cylindrical vacuum chamber with high vacuum (i.e. vacuum distillation/evaporation).

Superior Distillation Process For Liquid Separation and Chemical Purification

Efficient thermal separation with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality are results you can expect using this Wiped Film-Short Path process for distillation, evaporation, concentration, separation, purification or deodorization. The Wiped-Film process offers far superior performance to flash evaporators, falling film stills, rotary evaporators and similar equipment, in any processing application where heat sensitivity is a factor.

Keys to the superiority of this process include:

  • Short residence time of the feed liquid
  • Significantly lowered temperature due to high vacuum capability
  • Optimal efficiency in mass and heat transfer



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